Details for Publ. Juen 12 & 19, 2019 PUBLICATION NO. 8337


Publ. Juen 12 & 19, 2019 PUBLICATION NO. 8337 8343 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS - REVISED LETTING NO. 2/PROJECT NO. 19-02 (L2P19-02) STATE PROJECT NO. 133-130-002 Hutchinson, Minnesota TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Dated: 05/14/2019 06/05/2019 The City Council of the City of Hutchinson, Minnesota, will receive bids at the Hutchinson City Center, Engineering Office, 111 Hassan St SE, Hutchinson MN, until 11:00 am on Wednesday, June 12th, 2019, 9:00 AM ON JULY 3RD, 2019 for the making of the following described local improvement: South Grade Road Corridor Improvements: Dale Street SW to State Trunk Highway 15 Service Road; roadway rehabilitation by construction of milling/reclaiming, grading, curb and gutter, draintile installation, bituminous/concrete surfacing, storm sewer, water distribution, sanitary sewer, street lighting, traffic signals, pedestrian crossing system, trail, sidewalk, landscaping, restoration and appurtenances, all in accordance with the Plans and Specifications on file in the City of Hutchinson Engineering Office. Immediately following expiration of the time for receiving bids, the City Administrator and/or Director of Public Works/City Engineer will publicly open bids, in the City Council Chambers of the Hutchinson City Center. The Council, will consider said bids and responsibility of the bidders during the Council Meeting at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019 in the Council Chambers of the Hutchinson City Center. The approximate major quantities of work involved are: ITEM UNIT QUANTITY Common Excavation CU YD 2500 Select Granular Borrow CU YD 800 Aggregate Base Class 5 CU YD 1000 Mill Bituminous Pavement SQ YD 8900 Bituminous Paving SQ YD 17200 Construct Drainage Structure EACH 20 RC Pipe Sewer LIN FT 600 Hydrant EACH 4 Gate Valve EACH 5 6 Concrete Walk SQ FT 3700 Concrete Curb and Gutter LIN FT 5100 6 Concrete Median Pavement SQ FT 3600 6 Concrete Driveway Pavement SQ YD 250 8 Concrete Pavement SQ YD 250 Lighting System LUMP SUM 1 Traffic Control Signal System SYSTEM 1 Pedestrian Crosswalk Flasher System LUMP SUM 1 4 Solid Line Multi-Component LIN FT 2400 4 Double Solid Line Multi-Component LIN FT 2000 All bids shall be made on the Proposal Forms of the City and shall be accompanied by a cashier's check, bid bond or certified check, payable to the order of the City of Hutchinson, Minnesota, for not less than five percent (5%) of the amount bid. Bids shall be directed to the City Engineer, securely sealed and endorsed upon the outside wrapper. Plans and Specifications are expected to be available 05/31/2019 06/21/2019. Complete digital project bidding documents are available at You may download the digital plan documents for $30.00 by inputting Quest project #6344663 on the website's Project Search page. Please contact Quest at 952-233-1632 or for assistance in free membership registration, downloading, and working with this digital project information. An optional paper set of project documents is available for a nonrefundable price of $80.00 per set, which includes applicable sales tax and shipping. Please make your check payable to City of Hutchinson and send it to Hutchinson City Center, Attn: Plans & Specs, 111 Hassan St SE, Hutchinson MN 55350. Please contact us at 320-234-4209 if you have any questions. In order to bid on this project, you must be a "registered" plan holder. To be a "registered" plan holder, you must purchase the digital bidding documents from QuestCDN or purchase the paper set of the bidding documents from the City of Hutchinson. Any bids submitted by contractors not on the Plan Holder List will not be considered at the time for opening of bids and will be returned to the contractor. The City Council reserves the right to reject all bids and to waive any informalities and irregularities. Matthew Jaunich, City Administrator