Details for Youth & Family Specialist

Youth & Family Specialist
The Youth and Family Specialist performs a wide range of
technical and interpersonal activities across southwest Minnesota
to build and strengthen southwest Minnesota's children, youth
and families. Through program management and community
engagement, this position creates community connections and
resource deployment in opportunities that impact critical needs
for the education and well-being of children birth-to-18 and
families across southwest Minnesota. Thriving youth and families
are core to the success of SWIF's Grow Our Own Initiative, so this
content expert works to focus the impact of the foundation in
areas that create opportunities for economic mobility to ensure
that all people - especially those with the fewest resources - can
access what they need to succeed in school and life. Through our
cradle to career approach, this person will synchronize and implement appropriate emergent strategies that impact early childhood, youth mental health, and wholistic models of family care
and support, centering on single mothers.
The Southwest Initiative Foundation is an equal opportunity
employer and proudly values diversity. We encourage candidates
of all backgrounds to apply.
We believe that dignity and belonging are core human
values and that all people deserve the opportunity to reach
their full potential.
We are a human-centered organization and acknowledge that
people have different needs and aspirations. We commit to removing barriers that prevent full participation in southwest
Minnesota's abundant opportunities. We use our resources to
create opportunities for all people to thrive in the communities
they call home.