Details for by Steven A. Queenan CELEBRITY FRAMES F

by Steven A. Queenan


or those wanting fashion
eyeglasses that will make
them look like celebrities,
the recommendation is to
“THINK BIG!” The general idea is
to draw attention with oversized
frames and lenses that not only
obscure the eyes but also extend
over the cheekbone. If oversized
sunglasses have prescription
lenses, you’ll need the experience
and knowledge of a specialist
not only to get the frames to sit
correctly on the face, but also to
get the pupils of the eyes to line
up directly with the prescription
portion of the lenses. Proper
fitting is crucial, even if lenses
are non-prescription, because
nothing detracts from a celebrity
look like glasses constantly
slipping down the bridge of
your nose.


has an extensive selection
of eyewear including the latest
styles in designer sunglasses
and prescription eyeglasses.
Contrast the shape of the frames
with the shape of your face
(for instance, square-shaped
frames on a round face) for a
complementary effect. Please
call 587-6309, or visit our website We are
located just inside Regional Eye
Center at 1455 Montreal Street,
S.E. Our business hours are
Mon. & Thurs., 8:00am-7:30pm,
Tues. & Wed., 8:00am-5:30pm
and Fri. 8:00am-1:00pm.


.S. Oversized “connected
shield” lenses continue to be
a popular choice for “celebrity”