At Glencoe Regional Health, it is our number one priority to ensure that our patients and
community members receive the COVID-19 vaccine once it becomes available to them.
You may complete this form for yourself, as well as on behalf of an individual you care for, such as a
child, parent, or spouse. There are four important things to know before signing up for our waitlist:
Signing up for our COVID-19 vaccine waitlist does not mean you are
scheduling an appointment. We currently do not have enough vaccine to
vaccinate everyone who would like it, so we ask our patients and community to
remain patient as we continue through this process. In time, everyone will have
the opportunity to be vaccinated, if they choose to. GRH staff will call individuals
on the waitlist directly when it is their turn to receive the vaccine.
We will still be following the phased vaccination approach set forth by the
Minnesota Department of Health. This means that it may be several months
before you are eligible to receive the vaccine. However, when it is your turn to
receive the vaccine, we will call you directly. We ask that you do not call us to
check your status on the waitlist, as we are experiencing an influx of calls. Rest
assured, once you join our waitlist, you will remain on the waitlist.

You may opt-in to receive email updates from us, which will notify you of our
progress through the vaccination phases, and which will also alert you of other
local opportunities to receive the vaccine.

We encourage you to receive the vaccine at your first available opportunity,
even if it means you do not receive the vaccine from GRH. You should not wait
for us if you receive the opportunity to be vaccinated elsewhere.

At this time, we ask all individuals to sign up for our waitlist by using our online form. As we are experiencing an
increase in calls, we are reserving over-the-phone registration for individuals who do not have computer or internet
access, and we ask that you fill out the online form so we may help those who are unable to use it. If you have a
loved one who does not have internet access or a computer, you may also fill out the online form on their behalf.
If you do not have a computer or internet access, you may sign up for the waitlist by calling 320-864-7816.
Please only utilize this option if you are unable to fill out the online form.

Sign up for our COVID-19 Vaccine Waitlist
by using your phone to scan the QR code
to the right, or by visiting our website: