Details for NATURAL GAS SAFETY ALERT Hutchinson



Hutchinson Utilities is reminding you to keep the snow
and ice clear from your natural gas meter and regulator.
Natural gas regulators have a vent that must not get
blocked with snow. Storms, drifting snow and warmer
temps melting the snow can cause problems.This
build-up around the meter can cause the natural gas
regulator to malfunction, resulting in overpressure
or loss of natural gas altogether.
• Brush away snow on the meter with a broom or gloves.
Never bang on the meter or pipes or use a shovel to
clean the snow off, this may cause a leak.
• Do not use a torch, salt or chemicals to try and melt the ice.
• Watch for dripping water freezing on the meter.
• Carefully remove icicles hanging above the meter.
• Do not pile snow on or near the meter.
• Keep a safe path to the gas meter for emergencies.
Make sure appliance sidewall and roof-top vents are
clear of snow and ice, check them often. Blocked venting
can cause a furnace or hot water heater to stop working,
or even worse, the buildup of deadly carbon monoxide.
Be aware of the dangers and risks of carbon monoxide
(CO) poisoning, and know the symptoms.The risk of
illness or death from carbon monoxide increases in the
winter. HUC suggests every home and business should
have at least one CO monitor.
Be Carbon Monoxide aware outside your home; A car
stuck in the snow with blocked exhaust, an unvented fish
house heater or the holiday griller in the garage are all
examples of where CO may be present. Remember - If
a fuel is burned (gasoline, wood, charcoal, propane or
natural gas) carbon monoxide may be in the exhaust.
Understand how your CO alarm works and replace
per manufacturers recommendations, as they do not
last forever. "When the leaves are off the trees its time to
replace the batteries" in your CO and smoke detectors.
If you ever suspect Natural Gas or Carbon Monoxide
Call HUC at 320-587-4745 or dial 911.
A safety message brought to by:
Hutchinson Utilities Commission