Details for Please Join Us Women’s Day of

Please Join Us

Women’s Day of Fellowship,
Worship, and Bible Learning!
Saturday, April 24 - 8:30 am - 4:30pm
Lunch, snacks, beverages & giveaways! Grace Bible Church in Silver Lake
Speakers: Lisa Harper, Jackie Hill Perry, Kelly Minter, Ruth Chou Simons, Jamie Ivey,
Kristi McLelland, Point of Grace – Austin Stone Worship will be leading worship

This seminar is FREE
To sign up call Beth Rakow (320-583-2572), the church (320-327-2352).
Or, email
Not able to come for the whole day? That’s ok - come for the time that you are able!
Grace Bible Church practices social distancing and safe practices.

Grace Bible Church - 300 Cleveland St SW, Silver Lake (The Church by the Water Tower!)