Details for This notice paid for with public

This notice paid for with public donations

FREE to the public!
Weight Loss & Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Health Awareness Clinics is
providing therapists to administer
weight loss and stop smoking, and
stress relief group hypnotic therapy.
For many people this therapy
reduces 2 to 3 clothing sizes and/or
stops smoking.
All attendees will be hypnotized
twice during the hypnotherapy
session. We’ve helped over 500,000
people achieve their goals.

An appointment is not necessary,
just sign in and immediately receive
therapy. Health Awareness Clinics
is a non-profit organization. They
rely on donations to make treatment
available. A modest $5.00 donation
when signing in is appreciated.
Support materials available.
Only one 2-hour session is
needed for desirable results.

Sign in 20 min. prior

Monday, June 28th
Hutchinson Event Center
1005 Hwy 15 S.

(512) 433-6200