Details for Wishing All A Merry ChristMAs & A hAppy

Wishing All A Merry ChristMAs & A hAppy neW yeAr!
We are dedicated to helping you turn your
stumbling blocks into stepping stones

Meet OUr CAring therApists:

steppingstone therapeutic

offers integrated services in one convenient location – with flexible
scheduling to meet your family’s needs.
steppingstone specializes in helping children and their families. We have
specialists trained specifically for early childhood social and emotional
development-for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Mary anderson

cHrIsTy BroLL

aLIcIa cUsTer

naTHan doss

sIrI dUseK

andrea HagLIn

Megan MILLer

KeLLy Mosenden

Megan PeTerson

Ma, LMft

Ma, LMft


We are dedicated to providing meaningful, positive therapeutic experiences
for children, adolescents, and adults in a warm, professional environment.

professional, friendly staff.

• Family-friendly
• Warm, home-like atmosphere
• Treatment areas and equipment designed to meet individual client needs
• Challenging therapeutic activities aimed at developing greater
capabilities and skill
• Easy access with parking at the front door




behavioral health:

• Children’s Behavior Issues • Individual & Family Counseling
• Play Therapy • Marriage Counseling • Parenting Classes
• Group Sessions • Workshops • Trauma Work • Bilingual ASL

occupational therapy
• Handwriting • Self Regulation • Self Cares • Motor Skills




not pictured but super-thankful for chris Posusta,
sheryl Martin and Heidi Johnson • 20288 Hwy. 15 N., Suite 100, Hutchinson • 320-587-2326