Marissa Brunkhorst

Marissa Brunkhorst of Hutchinson is joining the Leader staff for a summer internship.

The Hutchinson Leader has a new intern this summer who will work on improving her writing skills and learning more about the world of journalism.

Marissa Brunkhorst of Hutchinson, who will be a high school senior this fall, has joined the Leader newsroom to assist with covering local stories such as the YoungStars summer production of “Haphazardly Ever After” on page B1, as well as writing news briefs and photographing local events.

“I am ecstatic to learn from this staff of reporters, and it is a wonderful opportunity to get to contribute to this readership,” Brunkhorst said.

Brunkhorst said she pursued the internship for her love of writing and photography.

“I also saw how important the local print newspaper is in our community, and it is one of my interests to bring that to life digitally,” she said. “The way we get our news is changing with the advancing of technology, and to be a part of the new age of writers and reporters is thrilling.”

Brunkhorst said she is currently studying communication in fields such as digital media and journalism, and hopes to decide on a university soon.

Besides working at the Leader, Brunkhorst’s other interests include movies, reading, drinking coffee and going on adventures with friends.

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