Hutchinson Chamber events QR code

You can use your smartphone to scan this QR code and access the Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism’s listing of community events. This new digital format is replacing the former table tents.

When it comes to letting people know about local events, the Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism is making a change to a new digital format.

Since 2005, three-sided table tents with quarterly listings of community events could often be found in local restaurants and businesses. But then last year COVID-19 forced all events to shut down.

As events begin to return to the community, the Chamber is moving toward a new digital format for community event listings. It came up with the idea of using QR codes. The codes can now be found on stickers throughout the community, and people can use their smartphones to scan the code and access the listing of events.

“The QR code will direct people to a new event listing page, with the same basic information as table tents, and then link directly to their online information,” a Chamber press release said.

The Chamber believes this new format will allow it to lower event listing costs and provide longer exposure for events. And with no deadlines, an event can be added at any time without concern for printing schedules.

“As our society becomes more dependent on digital options, this was an easy way for us to transition the beloved table tents to something very user friendly for our event partners and the end user,” said Mary Hodson, Chamber president. “As we segue from physically based and digitally enhanced, to a world of digitally based and physically enhanced, this really made sense for us.”

Event QR stickers, posters and electronic versions are available at the Chamber office. For more information email or call 320-587-5252.