Sept. 4 Hutchinson construction update

Workers installed concrete lanes on State Highway 15, between Second Avenue South and Fifth Avenue South Friday.

The intersection of Fifth Avenue South and State Highway 15 reopened to traffic this past week, as work continues to move along on the Hutchinson Main Street reconstruction project.

Along with reopening the intersection, the Minnesota Department of Transportation also reported that the concrete middle lane from Second Avenue South to Fifth Avenue South was installed, topsoil was installed at areas disturbed by construction, and work continued to progress on sidewalk installation from Second Avenue North to Fifth Avenue South.

Starting Wednesday, Sept. 9, the resurfacing of Highway 15 from Fifth Avenue South to just north of the roundabout on Airport Road will begin. Local traffic should expect delays. Other jobs coming up include installing the next two lanes adjacent to the middle lane from Second Avenue South to Fifth Avenue South, and continued sidewalk installation from Second Avenue South to Fifth Avenue South.

As the project continues to move forward in Stage 4, here are instructions to help motorists and pedestrians:

  • The resurfacing part of the project — south of Fifth Avenue South — remains open to traffic. People will encounter temporary lane and shoulder closures on Highway 15, as well as temporary side street and sidewalk closures as work progresses.
  • Highway 15 will remain closed to north/south traffic between Second Avenue North and Fifth Avenue South for the duration of the downtown portion of the project.
  • Crosswalks in the work zone are closed to pedestrians. People may cross Highway 15 at Washington Avenue, Second Avenue South and Fifth Avenue South.
  • Sidewalks will remain open for business access when possible. Check with businesses for the best entrance to use during construction. 
  • Parking is available on streets and in parking lots on the back side of Main Street businesses.

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