Hutchinson Health

Changes to staffing levels and hours impacted “less than 50” people at Hutchinson Health, including 12 layoffs, according to Jim Lyons, president of the hospital.

The changes, he said, were part of the hospital’s ongoing effort to find efficiencies in its services and is unrelated to the ongoing $21 million expansion.

“As we continue to work on and focus on the needs of the community, that means we have to make adjustments to mix and compliment the level of staff that we need. That’s been the driving force behind this,” Lyons said. “These are very difficult decisions. We know we are impacting people’s lives when we make them.”

Lyons stressed that these changes will not eliminate any of the current services the hospital provides, and there has not been one whole group of employees eliminated. While the changes included a dozen layoffs, most employees impacted will either see an change in their hours or an adjustment in their role.

Lyons said Hutchinson Health is not alone, as community health care systems around the country have been making similar changes.

“All of this,” he said, “is a function in a continuing to work to meet the needs of the community.”

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