Much Kneaded Massage

Kiley Kruggel recently opened her own massage salon, Much Kneaded Massage, with help from the Southwest Initiative Foundation.

When Kiley Kruggel began work as a masseuse, she knew she wanted to help people find enduring solutions to their aches and pains.

“I love just how the body works,” Kruggel said. “I want people to have the option to help muscles recover with massage and not just rely on medications or painkillers. I want them to get long-lasting relief through massage.”

She also knew that one day she would open her own business. After four years working at Genesis Salon and Enso Spa in Hutchinson, where she specialized in relaxation, deep tissue, therapeutic and pregnancy message, it was finally time.

Kruggel opened her own business, Much Kneaded Massage, on May 1 in a rented room inside of Robert Michael’s Hair Salon, 140 Main St. S., downtown Hutchinson. But there was one more thing she knew she needed before starting her new venture: help.

“With my exercise science and massage degrees, we learned a little bit about running our own business,” she said. “But since I wanted to go work with a spa and start out there first, I didn’t really take that into consideration. I was like, ‘Oh, that’ll be a while.’”

When Kruggel was finally ready to take the next step, she reached out to the Southwest Initiative Foundation.

“Kiley was looking for an opportunity to be self-employed, and we’re excited to help her create that by guiding her through the ins and outs of opening a small business,” said Jackie Turner, an economic development officer with SWIF.

SWIF is a nonprofit community foundation serving 18 counties in southwest Minnesota, plus two native nations. With the help of its microenterprise loan program, Kruggel received the funds she needed for equipment and start-up costs. The program also provides financial management skills, operations and marketing training.

“They were super responsive and helpful in getting my business plan set,” Kruggel said. “They gave me ideas and a lot of stuff to work with.”

For Kruggel, having her own business and setting her own hours was always the goal. As a single mom, she looks forward to working around her son’s activities schedule.

“I love having the freedom to make my own schedule. It’s nice if I want to come in on a night that I don’t have anything going on,” she said. “It’s nice to be able to schedule clients and be flexible like that.”

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