Zavala cutting hair

Tony Zavala, right, cuts the hair of one of his longtime clients, Jordan Titus. Titus has been going to Zavala for haircuts since he was clipping hair in his garage in high school, but now he goes to Fringe on Main Street, where the 22-year-old licensed barber has his own booth.

If the 2020 COVID-19 shutdown taught us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t try cutting hair ourselves by watching YouTube videos. Unless of course you’re Tony Zavala, Hutchinson’s newest 22-year-old barber who prides himself on staying up on all the latest trends for men’s hair and facial hair.

Zavala, who earned his barber’s license last year, started working at Fringe on Main Street in April. But anyone who went to school with the 2018 Hutchinson High School graduate knows he’s been keeping friends and family fresh for years.