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Aubrey Brunkhorst

Aubrey Brunkhorst: Grade 12, A.P. psychology

Aubrey is a student who is tremendously beneficial to have in class. This is evidenced not only by her high work ethic and performance, but also by students coming up to me and saying how much they enjoy working with her on projects and in discussion-based activities. She shows a natural ability and curiosity that will undoubtedly lead to continued success. She is the daughter of Kelly and John Brunkhorst. She is also the Elk’s Student of the Month.

— Jason Olson

Michael Christensen.jpeg

Michael Christensen

Michael Christensen: Grade 12, Drafting III

Michael has become one of our lead computer aided drafting students. He has mastered CAD programs such as Fusion, CREO and AutoCad. As a Drafting III student he is continuing to sharpen his skills by creating working drawings of his CAD generated models, and the design intent and manufacturability of his models. Michael is open to suggestions for improvements in learning and making his drawings the best they can be. He is also very willing to help his peers solve problems and brainstorm ways to create new drawing models in CAD. He is the son of Lisa and Jeffrey Christensen.

— Daryl Lundin

Gaven Fisher.jpeg

Gaven Fisher

Gaven Fisher: Grade 12, REACH

Gaven is a leader and a positive influence in our class. A deep and thoughtful young man, Gaven contributes greatly to classroom conversations. As a senior, Gaven is working his way toward life after high school with a determination that won't be held down by roadblocks. Currently, Gaven is entering the world of work with a mentality of hard work and openness to new learning. We are so proud of Gaven's growth and his commitment to personal change to make a great life for himself. He is the son of Candy and William Fisher.

— The REACH Team

Chevelle Karg.jpeg

Chevelle Karg

Chevelle Karg: Grade 11, concert choir

Chevelle is involved in all the vocal activities we offer at HHS. She sings in concert choir, New World Singers, the musical, and solo/ensemble. She takes initiative when coming in for lessons and works hard to improve. She is always willing to put the time in for any ensemble or solo she takes on. Her vocal and music abilities help improve the singers around her. She is the daughter of Kimberly and Jon Karg.

— Nate Raabe

Leonel Lopez.jpeg

Leonel Lopez

Leonel Lopez: Grade 11, PAES lab and reading

Leonel is funny, a good friend and respectful. He works hard to do his best and always gets started on his work right away. Leonel is always prepared to work and on time for class. He is focused, independent and works hard all class. He accepts feedback and works to improve himself when redirected. He is the son Maria and Miguel Lopez.

— Susan Goebel and Cheri Marelic

Selma Moore.jpeg



Selma Moore: Grade 10, personal training

Selma is a joy to work with. She is self-motivated and gives 100% effort all of the time. As a determined athlete in dance, she is always striving to improve her cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility. She is a wonderful role model for other students. Another characteristic that sets her apart is her willingness to ask questions and to get out of her comfort zone by trying new things. Thank you Selma for all your hard work. She is the daughter of Lori and Cleve Moore.

— Tim Thode

Zoey Morgan.jpeg

Zoey Morgan

Zoey Morgan: Grade 10, Advanced Algebra A

Zoey has done a great job of actively participating in class and asking questions. She comes to class each day ready to learn and take on a new challenge. Zoey takes the time to greet her teachers at the beginning and end of class and is always so polite and respectful. She is the daughter of Stefanie and James Morgan.

— Kris Dobratz

Adriana Nelson-Rhoda.jpeg

Adriana Nelson-Rhoda

Adriana Nelson-Rhoda: Grade 11, A.P. English

Adri has been an exemplary student in A.P. English literature and composition. She is always well-prepared for class, taking the time to study and reflect on the assigned readings. She also has worked diligently on improving her writing, utilizing feedback for improvement. Her consistent presence in class and insightful questions help to move learning forward for all. She is the daughter of Andrea Rhoda and James Nelson.

— Lori VanderHeiden

Mariah Root: Grade 11, Advanced Algebra B

Mariah has been quick to get help and do everything she can to help her standing in class. She has come after school for help and to retake tests. She has asked questions that will help her have success. Way to go Mariah! She is the daughter of Heidi and Troy Root.

— Tim Ellefson

Charmaine Young-El-Pawlicki.jpeg

Charmaine Young-El-Pawlicki

Charmaine Young-El-Pawlicki: Grade 11, Art III

Charmaine puts her best effort into all of her artwork. She is respectful and uses her work time wisely. She is not afraid to ask for help when needed and works at making her projects unique and creative. She is the daughter of Kelli Pawlicki and the granddaughter of Eileen Pawlicki.

— Tinea Graham

Annabelle Zipf.jpeg

Annabelle Zipf

Annabelle Zipf: Grade 9, German IB

Annabelle works hard consistently each day, and she's not afraid to take risks in her learning. She is a model student who applies new learning to expand her abilities in German. Although somewhat reserved, Annabelle consistently goes above and beyond what is asked in pursuit of excellence. She is the daughter of Lindsay and Benjamin Zipf.

— Eli Schauer