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Logan Butler: Grade 10, English 10 literature

Logan was part of English 10 literature and English 10 communications during the first trimester. In both classes, not only did he show skills and enthusiasm for learning, but he was he a leader in participating and working diligently. His discussion comments often pushed the class further in its learning. He is the son of Staci and Matt Butler.

— Lori VanderHeiden

Willow Derickson: Grade 12, art/photo graphics

Willow was chosen to be recognized by the art department for her impressive photography and graphic design work. She actively contributes during class discussion, her artwork displays advanced level understanding of concepts, and it just brightens your day to be around her. Congratulations, Willow! She is the daughter of Jon Derickson and the niece of Donna and Anthony Will.

— Carla Benson

Zachary Hausladen: Grade 9, Welding I

This student goes above and beyond inside and outside of the classroom. He is actively putting his best efforts forward not only in his own studies but to helping his classmates exceed as well. He also has been a leader in his fish and wildlife CDE and among his fellow FFA members. He is the son of Jennifer Schuette and Matthew Hausladen.

— Morgan Frank

Makenzie Jenneke: Grade 12, college Spanish

Makenzie has exemplified language learning in all four years she has taken Spanish. She has worked hard in class and works to ensure that she understands all concepts to the fullest. She is conscientious about her homework and makes sure that she has completed it on time and to a high quality. Makenzie also is willing to answer questions and is kind to the other students in class. Keep up the good work Makenzie! She is the daughter of Resa and Rick Jenneke.

— Krista Picha

Braelynn Johnson: Grade 9, study skills

Braelynn is hardworking in all of her classes. She takes pride in doing well in school. Braelynn is a positive role model to those around her and tries to help others make good choices. She tries to do her best and communicates with those around her if she needs support. Braelynn shows maturity in the choices she makes while at school. She is the daughter of Nicole Johnson.

— Mackenzie Boeckers

Kendra Kadelbach: Grade 9, concert band

Kendra is one of the most motivated students in the music department. She has taken on the task of learning a new instrument for marching and pep band and is constantly working to get better. She has taken it upon herself to find more resources and has worked incredibly hard to succeed, and her work ethic and leadership is spreading to other players. She is the daughter of Stephanie and Glen Kadelbach.

— Kevin Kleindl

Hunter Lien: Grade 11, economics

Hunter was always a positive contributor in our economics class. He would ask additional questions to learn more about our topic of discussions, was always actively involved in class, and brought energy and a smile to the classroom each day. Hunter wanted to do his best and would complete extra work to make this happen. I appreciated the excitement for learning he had in class. He is the son of Shannon and Michael Lien.

— Jennifer Anderson

Makenzie Loeffler: Grade 9, REACH

Makenzie has shown enormous growth over the course of the trimester. She contributes much to the classroom environment with her positive attitude and willingness to give anything a try. She is a great friend. She has also shown a new investment in school and worked so hard to finish strong in all of her classes last trimester. The REACH team loves having her in class! She is the daughter of Kimberly and Thomas Ziermann.

— Serene Brustuen

Irais Martinez: Grade 11, advanced algebra

Irais was a pleasure to have in class. She took detailed notes, made great use of class time, completed her work in a timely manner, and was always kind and respectful. When Irais didn’t understand something, she asked for help and even came before or after school to get help when needed. The grit displayed by Irais was impressive! She is the daughter of Sonia Stonecypher and Jared Stonecypher.

— Kristine Dobratz

Emma Schwartz: Grade 12, entrepreneurship, accounting

Emma was a student in the entrepreneurship and Accounting I courses. Emma is a conscientious student who is always striving to learn more about her subject matter. She is well prepared for class and is willing to answer and ask questions that take the classroom environment to another level. Having Emma in our business courses has been a strong asset. She is the daughter of Andrea and Corey Schwartz.

— business department

Megan Theisen: Grade 12, foods, child development, WOW

We chose Megan because she has been a FACS department exemplar student. She works hard, contributes to class discussion, ask questions to expand her knowledge and is a good leader in team projects. Megan has excelled in all her FACS classes! Megan is also the Elk’s Student of the Month. She is the daughter of Elisabeth and Tim Theisen.

— FACS department