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Kaylea Asche: Grade 11, Accounting II/occupation mentorship

Kaylea Asche.jpeg

Kaylea Asche

It has been my pleasure to have Kaylea in Accounting I and II and occupational mentorship. In the accounting classroom, Kaylea is quiet, attentive and pays attention to detail. However, with occupational mentorship she spends more time out of the classroom with her mentor and shares her experiences with me in weekly journals. In those journals, Kaylea comes alive with stories about customers, techniques, relationships and skill that bring me right to her workplace. Kaylea researches our weekly work topics, shares her findings with her mentor and then explains to me how she sees these work topics in real life with her mentor in the workplace. Kaylea gets out of her education what she puts into it, a lot! She is the daughter of Tracy and Ryan Asche.

— Jeff Peterson

Julia Bryant: Grade 12, concert choir

Julia Bryant.jpeg

Julia Bryant

Julia is a quiet leader. She is focused, hardworking, and is continuously improving. She is a great musician and has excellent music reading abilities, which other students look up to. She is the daughter of Diane and Randy Bryant.

— Nate Raabe

Jordan Hawkins: Grade 12, Art III

Jordan is a very independent student who uses her work time seriously and strives to do her best on every project. She is thoughtful in her responses and research. She asks questions when needed and practices skills until she is competent with them. She is the daughter of Nadine Hawkins and Bryan Hawkins.

— Tinea Graham

Mallory Johnson: Grade 11, Foods II/family matters

Mallory Johnson.jpeg

Mallory Johnson

Mallory Johnson has been selected as the FACS Department Student of the Month because of her work ethic, class participation, and involvement in many FACS courses. She is currently enrolled in Foods II and family matters. She goes above and beyond in her work and is always ready to contribute in class discussions. Mallory is always cheerful, kind and a delight to have in class. She is the daughter of Heather and Nathan Johnson.

— Kaylee Albrecht

Tristian Kinaman: Grade 12, cornerstone

Tristian Kinaman.jpeg

Tristian Kinaman

Tristian is doing extremely well in his classes. He has a great attitude every day. Tristian has branched out of his comfort zone by taking choir this trimester. He utilizes his time well and has been advocating for himself, making sure he's meeting class expectations. Tristian is a respectful young man. He is the nephew of Laverne Awsumb.

— Chuck Hartman

Tony Krulikosky: Grade 10, REACH

Tony makes our class smile with his positive attitude and sense of humor. He is an encouragement to his classmates. Tony knows when to buckle down and he has shown his work ethic through self-discipline during difficult distance and hybrid learning by staying on top of his classes. Tony takes responsibility for communicating with his teachers, asking questions and staying after when he needs help. He has shown both personal and academic maturity throughout this trimester. We're proud of you Tony. He is the son of Jennifer Bluhm and Leonard Krulikosky.

— The REACH Team

Donald Lewis: Grade 9, recreational sports

Donald is a self-motivated student who asks questions and always strives for improvement. He is respectful and punctual with all work and attendance. Although he is currently a full-time distance learner, he is focused and diligent. He developed three different workouts himself and completes all at-home physical activity. I am honored to nominate Donald for Student of the Month. He is the son of Jessika and Cameron Cooper.

— Tim Thode

Megan Lipke: Grade 12, physics

Megan Lipke.jpeg

Megan Lipke

Megan has remained a dedicated student even with the distance learning challenges. She continues to interact with the other students, often asking connecting questions whether she is online or in person. Megan's perseverance and drive for excellence have enabled her to have excellent educational outcomes in a situation that is less than ideal. She is the daughter of Kathy and Eric Lipke. She is also the Elk’s Student of the Month.

— Arlyn DeBruyckere

Lisa McRaith: Grade 11, college Spanish

Lisa McRaith.jpeg

Lisa McRaith

Lisa McRaith has been a stellar Spanish 4 student this year. No matter the learning model, I can always count on Lisa participating and leading in class. She is always prepared and ready for the lesson and willing to share her thoughts and insight. I appreciate all the hard work that she has put in this year in Spanish 4. She is the daughter of Jill and Ed McRaith.

— Krista Picha

Chloe Peterson: Grade 12, college algebra

Chloe Peterson.jpeg

Chloe Peterson

Chloe works hard and takes college algebra seriously. She doesn't hesitate to come in before or after school to get questions answered. She has also set up Google meets to get help if she is out of the building that day. In short, Chloe Peterson is making every effort to do her very best in this class. Keep up the great work, Chloe. She is the daughter of Therese and Tim Peterson.

— Joe Otremba

Sam Rensch: Grade 11, AP literature and composition

Sam Rensch.jpeg

Sam Rensch

Sam has a sincere desire to improve his reading and writing skills in AP English. He actively participates in class, offering discussion ideas and questions to push understanding forward. He also takes the time and effort to revise his papers in order to deepen his understanding of argumentative literary writing. He is the son of Jennifer and Jeff Rensch.

— Lori VanderHeiden

Katherine Sperl: Grade 10, U.S. History 10

Katherine Sperl.jpeg

Katherine Sperl

Katie is a hardworking and responsible student. Throughout distance and hybrid learning, she has consistently been active and engaged during the entire class period, and her work reflects that. She is always good for a smile or two throughout class, and her classmates enjoy being near her. Keep up the good work, Katie! She is the daughter of Mira and Chris Sperl.

— Amanda Strom