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Cameron Bloemke: Grade 9, Algebra A

Cameron Bloemke.jpeg

Cameron Bloemke

Cameron has risen to the challenge of all the different learning models this year. He attends every class, even on off days he will check in to make sure he doesn’t miss anything. Cameron will advocate for himself to make sure he is completing his work accurately or getting extra help when he’s not understanding. Another important piece is that Cameron is willing to help his peers understand material as well. He is the son of Angela and Roman Bloemke.

— Kris Bateman

Elise Bock: Grade 12, family matters

Elise Bock.jpeg

Elise Block

Elise Bock has been selected as the FACS department Student of the Month because of her participation in FACS courses, leadership skills and efficiency. Elise has taken many FACS courses and is currently enrolled in family matters. She is efficient by providing neat, organized and accurate classwork. Elise demonstrates leadership during class through participation in discussion and providing explanations and examples for her classmates. Elise is very personable, kind and a joy to have in class. She is the daughter of Cindy and Jonathan Bock. She is also the Elks Student of the Month.

— Kaylee Albrecht

Harley Carnes: Grade 9, Spanish I

Harley Carnes.jpeg

Harley Carnes

Harley has been a star in our distance learning Spanish 1A class this trimester. Harley always comes to class with a positive attitude and a smile. He is willing to share insight and ask questions. Harley is not afraid to try to speak Spanish and answer questions in class, and he works hard outside class to practice and do his homework. Keep up the great work Harley. He is the son of Tryphena Kimball and Dan Carnes.

— Krista Picha

Rylee Cooper: Grade 9, REACH

Rylee is a very motivated and hardworking student. She sets high standards for herself in her classes and is respectful to staff and fellow students. With her positive attitude and work ethic, Rylee has had a successful start as a ninth grader at HHS. She is the daughter of Matthew Cooper.

— REACH team

Brodix Hooper: Grade 12, teaching assistant

Brodix Hooper.jpeg

Brodix Hooper

Throughout the year, Brodix has put himself in a position to pass along his knowledge to younger students. As a teaching assistant, he was instrumental in helping teach various subjects as well as working one on one with various students. His knowledge and desire to share that knowledge are why he is considered a Student of the Month. He is the son of Michelle and Andrew Hooper.

— Steve Lammers

Grant Ketcher: Grade 11, Accounting II

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Grant Ketcher

Grant has done a wonderful job in our entrepreneurship course. He comes to class prepared to discuss the day’s topic and isn’t afraid to offer his points or answer questions. He is forward-thinking and is able to put future business planning into words and action through course assignments. He is the son of Melissa and Shad Ketcher.

— Dennis Piechowski

Isabelle Knutson: Grade 11, economics

Isabelle Knutson.jpeg

Isabelle Knutson

Isabelle was a very conscientious student in economics. She was always trying to improve herself and worked hard to earn the best grade she could. She showed a lot of initiative, asking questions for further clarification and being engaged in class on a daily basis. I appreciated her flexibility to be successful in all of the learning models we were working under during the trimester. She is the daughter of Tammy and Hans Knutson.

— Jennifer Anderson

Carter Nelson: Grade 9, geometry

Carter Nelson.jpeg

Carter Nelson

Carter has done a phenomenal job during our distance learning model for Geometry B. He is responsible and works hard to make sure he has a good understanding of the content. While distance learning has made it more difficult for students to interact and participate, this has not hindered Carter. He responds to questions asked of the class and asks great questions to keep him and his classmates involved and engaged. He is a very worthy recipient of this award. Congratulations Carter on being Student of the Month. He is the son of Daydrea and Joe Nelson.

— Josh Berge

Cesar Ortiz: Grade 11, film

Cesar was chosen to be recognized by the art department for his quality film work, active engagement and participation during class, and impressive progress as a distance learner since last March. He has been a quietly shining example for other students in the class this trimester, and an enjoyable student to work with. Keep doing what you are doing in film class, Cesar. He is the son of Edna and Ramon Resendez.

— Carla Benson

Abigail Radke: Grade 10, cell biology

Abigail Radke.jpeg

Abigail Radke

Abby is kind, respectful and polite to her peers and teachers. She persists when information is not easy to understand and advocates for herself when she needs additional instruction/help. When she is quick to understand material, she does not hesitate to help those around her in understanding the information. Abby shows that she does not just care about her grade, but what she is able to learn from class. She is the daughter of Angie and Mark Radke.

— Courtney Fogarty

Teagan Young: Grade 10, honors English

Teagan Young.jpeg

Teagan Young

Teagan is a very engaged and positive member of her honors English course. She is willing to contribute in class every day and leads her classmates in large and small group work. She is a diligent student who completes high quality work and asks good questions. Teagan is always respectful to those around her. She is the daughter of Colleen and William Young.

— Annika Ring