January 2020 HHS Students of the Month

Alex Berg: Grade 11, work experience


Alex Berg

Alex is enthusiastic about the class. He asks questions when he needs to and he returns all paperwork in a timely manner. He uses good communication skills between the school and his employer to ensure he is completing all the necessary steps to earn course credit. He is the son of Theresa and George Berg.

— Cheryl Marelic and Pamela Vilchis 

Christopher Ducharme: Grade 11, contemporary literature


Christopher Ducharme

Chris has been very driven so far to engage with his classmates and the texts we are reading. He contributes consistently in class and considers perspectives beyond his own in both his spoken and written responses. He works hard each day with a positive attitude and always says "Good morning." He is the son of Michelle Ducharme and Keith Ducharme.

— Annika Ring

Chalee Eystad: Grade 10, health


Chalee Eystad

I have had the pleasure of having Chalee in health and physical education upon moving to Hutchinson a few short months ago. She has demonstrated great work ethic in the PE classroom and wasn't afraid to participate in various activities. In health she brings a great deal of knowledge and enthusiasm, she is eager to take on new challenges and is a leader in the classroom. I will look forward to seeing Chalee continue her enthusiasm for a variety of health and physical education activities in the future. She is the daughter of Misty and Jesse Eystad.

— Debra Card 

Tyson Farley: Grade 9, U.S. History 9


Tyson Farley

Tyson has demonstrated many behaviors that support his academic achievement. This includes asking higher-level questions in class, seeking help and support outside of class time, utilizing independent work time and helping other students in class with their learning. Tyson is a respectful student that demonstrates a genuine care for himself and others. He is the son of Ryan Farley.

— Joshua Kamrath

Ashley Hanson: Grade 12, occupational mentorship

Hanson A.jpg

Ashley Hanson

This fall Ashley was in Accounting I and displayed great work ethic and accuracy. This trimester Ashley is in occupational mentorship and it has been a pleasure to read Ashley's journal entries as she shares all of the things she is learning in great detail. It has also been a pleasure to hear from her mentor as she has reported that Ashley has been showing interest, work ethic and professionalism beyond that of most high school students. Her mentor stated that she is able to treat Ashley like one of her college students and this will provide Ashley with many more opportunities than what most high school students experience. Ashley is a great example of "what you put into your education is what you get out of it." She is the daughter of Carrie and Jory Hanson.

— Jeffrey Peterson

Summer Huhn: Grade 9, REACH


Summer Huhn

Summer has shown consistent hard work and a determination to be her very best. Summer's optimistic attitude, positive peer relationships and openness to growth make her an exceptional student in class. Summer wants to do well and sets a high standard for herself. Her commitment to her classes despite any difficulty, personal growth and respect toward self and others make Summer our Student of the Month. She is the daughter of Sondra and Joseph Huhn.

— REACH team

Rowan Jordahl: Grade 9, concert band


Rowan Jordahl

Rowan is one of those students who you love having in your class. He is an incredibly hard worker and he is always having fun while working hard. He is actively involved in almost every group he can be in the music department and participates at a very high level. You would never guess that Rowan is a freshmen based off of his time management, talent and dedication. He is the son of Michelle and Jim Jordahl.

— Kevin Kleindl

Grant Ketcher: Grade 10, Art II: Film


Grant Ketcher

Grant is an exceptional student and an example for others. In the first three weeks of film class I've observed that he is punctual, respectful towards classmates and teachers, eager to learn, ready to participate in class discussion, does the right thing even when others do not follow, shows patience and persistence, and he turns in quality work. He is the son of Melissa and Shad Ketcher.

— Carla Benson

Cole Meyer: Grade 12, AP Physics


Cole Meyer

Cole is always looking to go beyond. One great example of this is that he is taking AP Physics as an independent study class. Education is a long-term journey. Cole is like the person who takes 10 extra steps a day. At first it doesn't seem like much, but over a long term he ends up way out front. This is the benefit of doing a little extra every day. He is the son of Jeri and Michael Meyer.

— Arlyn DeBruyckere

Nikki Schlueter: Grade 12, Foods II


Nikki Schlueter

Nikki is a great student who works hard, is organized and provides support to fellow students and staff. She was a leader in her culinary team in her quiet, polite manner. Nikki is respected amongst her peers. Her involvement in coursework of the CTE pathway has given her a vast number of skills to apply in her post-secondary endeavors. She has been a stand-out CTE student! She is the daughter of Gladys and James Schlueter. She is also the Elk’s Student of the Month.

— Ronda Eckhart

Sarah Skrove: Grade 12, Spanish 4


Sarah Skrove

Sarah Skrove has been a leader in my Spanish 4 class. She is always prepared and asks insightful and well-thought out questions. She is always looking for ways to improve and communicate better in the Spanish language. Thanks for your hard work, Sarah. She is the daughter of Theresa and Kris Skrove.

— Krista Picha

Dominic Steinborn: Grade 9, Geometry A


Dominic Steinborn

Dominic has a positive attitude and a good work ethic. He has been a role model for his group in geometry for how he completes his work and uses his class time. Dominic has demonstrated patience and strong character in class, and his influence on his peers adds to our class. Dominic is the son of Katie Katzenmeyer and Kyle Steinborn.

— Kyle Schroeder

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