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Aaron Elliot: Grade 12, business

If you are looking for Aaron this fall, look in the Business Department. We have been happy to see Aaron in business law, entrepreneurship, sports officiating and accounting as he brings genuine interest to class every day. Aaron is not afraid to ask questions or volunteer an answer. Although he is generally a quiet student, he leads by example with a great work ethic, completing assignments on time and with attention to detail. We thank Aaron for his efforts and know that he will be successful in whatever he chooses to do. He is the son of Jodi and Thurman Elliot.

— Jeffrey Peterson and Dennis Piechowski

Skylyn Finnell: Grade 11, textiles and design

Skylyn is currently enrolled in Child Development I and Textiles and Designs I. She is always willing to help others and is a positive role model to her peers. Skylyn is very personable, kind, and a joy to have in class. She is the daughter of Kimberly Jacobson and Ryan Finnell.

— Kaylee Albrecht

Breah Grob: Grade 12, world history/work-based learning

Breah is polite and kind to both her peers and teachers. She asks questions when needed and completes her work on time. Breah is active in class discussions and is a hard worker. She is the daughter of Kim and Justin Grob.

— Denise Kirkpatrick and Cheryl Marelic

Rowan Jordahl: Grade 11, music

Rowan is a great leader in the music department. He leads by example and is always ready to play and sing his best. He is a very talented vocalist and instrumentalist because of his willingness to practice and put the time in to improve. He also has a great sense of humor and always comes to class ready to do well and have fun. He is the son of Michelle and Jim Jordahl.

— Nathan Raabe

Yumonyenne “Myma” Redd: Grade 12, Art I

Myma is a very focused, efficient and organized student who puts her best efforts into her projects. She takes her work seriously and uses her class work time wisely, often putting in extra time to meet the high standards she sets for herself. Myma is also the Elk’s Student of the Month. She is the daughter of Elizabeth Nyemah.

— Tinea Graham

Jersey Roiger: Grade 10, Aerobics II

It has been a privilege to have Jersey Roiger in aerobics. I have enjoyed having her in several physical education classes over the last few years. She is a very mature and hard-working young lady. Jersey comes to class with great work ethic, positive attitude and silent leadership. I have enjoyed her willingness to try new things each day. I appreciate your effort and growth over the years! She is the daughter of Mandi Roiger-Krumwiede and Joe Roiger.

— Debra Card

Andrew Soderlund: Grade 10, Advanced Algebra A

Andrew uses class time, passing time, mornings and afternoons to check in and ask questions about content. Andrew respectfully interacts with teachers as well as his classmates. He is involved in extracurricular activities and has shown fantastic time-management skills and effectively communicates his needs as a student as they arise. He is the son of Michelle and Charles Soderlund.

— Jami Beffert

Kendra Sundblad: Grade 9, U.S. History 9

Kendra represents a student who is willing to work hard, both in the classroom and in extracurricular activities. She never shies away from answering questions and works hard to understand the material at hand. Kendra is a classmate who goes above and beyond for her peers and is always willing to lend a helping hand to those who need help. She is the daughter of Amanda and David Sunbald.

— Amanda Strom

Joseph Wang: Grade 9, Spanish IA

Joseph has been a leader in class from day one. He is engaged in what we are learning, willing to answer questions and to help his classmates. Joseph has a strong understanding of what we are learning because he works so hard both in class and out to prepare for our activities and assessments. Even when Joseph is home ill he is checking in to see what he missed or what he could prepare for when he returns. Joseph exemplifies a leader in the classroom. Keep up the great work! He is the son of Jian and Fengen Wang.

— Krista Picha

Willie Wheeler: Grade 12, REACH

Willie is such a leader. He shows up to class with such a positive attitude and open heart. He is kind, respectful, helpful and caring. He is always there to listen to and uplift anyone who is feeling down. He is also very hard working and pushes himself to reach his goals. He is the son of Nelly Perez.

— Serene Brustuen