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Rodrigo Aguiniga: Grade 9, literature


Rodrigo Aguiniga

Rodrigo is an amazing student. He takes the class, Literature 9, very seriously. He also shows leadership by taking charge of a small group on Google Meet and can be regularly trusted to keep everyone on track. He works hard and asks questions. He is the son of Sanjuana Jiminez Quiutana and Oscar Aguiniga.

— Rebecca Lloyd

Grace Borka: Grade 12, music


Grace Borka

Grace has been a rock-steady student willing to assist in any way possible. For class she is helping out by picking up her secondary instrument and playing it for our concert. With marching band, she has stepped up as an invaluable leader and has done more than what is asked for them to do. Her growth as a musician from her ninth grade year has been tremendous and it is due to her work ethic and motivation to succeed. She is the daughter of Jaclyn and Darrel Borka.

— Kevin Kleindl

Emily Chatfield: Grade 11, Advanced Algebra A


Emily Chatfield

In a pandemic world where there could be a million excuses to struggle, Emily has persisted and done everything she can to be successful. Emily participates in class, asks questions, retakes tests, and works hard on a daily basis. On top of that, she is polite and respectful and gets along well with others. Emily is a joy to have in class! She is the daughter of Carla and Brandon Chatfield.

— Kristine Dobratz

Muhammad Dhanani: Grade 9, PS science-physics


Muhammad Dhanani

Muhammad shows consistent levels of academic excellence. He is always engaged with the class and with the material and is a model to his classmates. He is a leader in the classroom and helpful to his peers. He is the son of Kassim and Muhammad Dhanani.

— Stephen Zaffke

Matthew Ellis: Grade 12, business law and accounting


Matthew Ellis

Matt Ellis has been chosen as the business department’s Student of the Month. Matt is currently in Business Law and Accounting I. Although you wouldn’t always notice that Matt is in class, his quiet yet attentive presence is known and appreciated. Matt pays great attention to detail while doing his daily work. He does not skip over important details or take shortcuts. This diligence is apparent in his test scores, as he does a great job of analyzing problems and applying the appropriate concepts to complete the tasks or make appropriate decisions about case law. It has been a pleasure to get to know Matt this trimester, and I look forward to working with him in Accounting II and III. Matt is currently planning to attend St. Cloud State University and major in accounting. He is the son of William and Paula Ellis.

— Jeffrey Peterson

Kylie Ewing: Grade 10, AP U.S. history


Kylie Ewing

Kylie has excelled early and often in a very difficult class: AP U.S. history. She has been a leader within the classroom, setting an example for other students to follow. She is highly organized, motivated, and a very active learner. An excellent asset to any classroom! She is the daughter of Shannon and Bradley Rasmussen.

— Tim Longie

Lucas Huls: Grade 10, companion animals and international agriculture


Lucas Huls

This student goes above and beyond, inside and outside of the classroom. He pursues learning opportunities outside of the given class period and subject. He is also a wonderful helping hand. He is the son of Cheryl and Rusten Huls.

— Morgan Frank and Scott Marshall

Owen Koenen: Grade 10, German II


Owen Koenen

Owen is consistently engaged in learning, whether he is learning virtually or in person. He asks good questions, he always works to improve his abilities in German, and he is someone who shows a lot of leadership potential. He is the son of Jennifer and Chad Koenen.

— Eli Schauer

Maya Markworth: Grade 10, photography and graphics


Maya Markworth

Maya was chosen to be recognized by the art department for her impressive creativity and work ethic in both photography and graphic design work. She consistently creates artwork of exceptional quality, displaying an advanced level understanding of the concepts, tools and equipment. Congratulations, Maya! She is the daughter of Andrea and David Markworth.

— Carla Benson

Lydia Nelsen: Grade 9, strength and conditioning


Lydia Nelsen

Lydia has worked very hard every day in class. She not only pushes herself, but encourages her classmates to do their best. She comes to class everyday with a positive attitude and desire to improve. She is the daughter of Margie and Bret Nelsen.

— Rory Fairbanks

Bella Nelson: Grade ll, homes and interiors


Bella Nelson

Bella Nelson has been selected as the FACS department Student of the Month because of her work ethic, classroom leadership and participation in many FACS courses. Bella goes above and beyond in her class work. She does her best on all of her assignments, with neat work and on-time completion. Bella is a delight to have in class, as she is very personable, kind, and gets along well with the other students in her class. She is the daughter of Kelly and Dirk Nelson.

— Kaylee Albrecht

Conor Wilde: Grade 9, REACH


Conor Wilde

Conor has such a great attitude about school and his grades show it. Conor has shown responsibility with homework and has balanced his school while also playing football. Conor jumped right into our class and has shown leadership and character with staff and peers. He is fun to have in class and his positive attitude impacts everyone around him. He is the son of Kelly Wilde and Landon McCormick.

— The REACH team

Eric Abrahamson: Grade 12, cornerstone

Eric is a senior who has been in our program for a little over a year now. In his time here he has managed to earn good grades and participate on the varsity football team. He also maintains a good attitude and is a good role model in our room. He is the son of Paul Abrahamson.

— Chuck Hartman