Tim Singer-Towns

Tim Singer-Towns joined the administration at Hutchinson High School this past July as the new assistant principal.

Tim Singer-Towns, Hutchinson High School’s new assistant principal, knows there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter solution when it comes to working with students.

“We have to dig in a little bit and engage,” he said. “We have to focus on each kid as an individual.”

With Jennifer Telecky now in the assistant principal position at Hutchinson Middle School, Singer-Towns stepped into the high school role July 26. Since then, he’s been learning more about the building, meeting teachers who stop in, and preparing for an important school year.

“What we want to do is help our kids make this transition back into more of a — and I hate to use this word — normal year,” he said. “Just help them make this transition from what was an unpredictable year to a more traditional year ... and make it successful.”

Singer-Towns joins the district from Watertown-Mayer High School, where he has served as dean of students for the past five years. He’s a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a degree in mathematics. After obtaining his license, he first taught math in the Robbinsdale School District for several years. Family brought him to live and teach in central Minnesota. After he finished his administrative license, he looked for the next step knowing he wanted to stay rural. That’s when the opportunity in Hutchinson caught his eye. He was familiar with Hutchinson from visits with his son’s baseball team, to shop and visit parks.

“I love the community and love the town,” he said.

Singer-Towns had previously learned about Hutchinson High School’s TigerPath Academies through Principal Robert Danneker and TigerPath coordinator Andrea Moore.

“I was impressed,” he said. “I had seen the facilities before, and especially the industrial tech areas are top notch.”

The variety of activities students are involved in also caught his eye.

Singer-Towns said support from Watertown-Mayer Principal Bob Hennen encouraged him to throw his hat in the ring. That soon led him to meet school staff and administrators through the hiring process, and to take the position leading into the 2021-22 school year.

As assistant principal, his duties will evolve with the day. Much of what he will do involves attendance, checking in with students and making sure everyone is where they need to be. If someone is having a tough day, it’s his job to help them figure out how to be successful.

His goal is to make sure students know him, and have a positive relationship with him, so that they aren’t meeting for the first time just because something negative has happened.

“I believe in relationships being the foundation of everything,” Singer-Towns said, “and approaching a kid where they are at. We have to focus on each individual kid. Everyone is in a different spot.”