Tiger Elementary

From the outside, Tiger Elementary looks complete, but work continues on the interior.

Parents dropping students off to school this past week may have noticed construction on Tiger Elementary on the north side of West Elementary has come a long way.

“From the outside it literally looks like it’s about done,” said Superintendent Daron VanderHeiden.

A few weeks of work remain on the exterior, but landscaping and grass are in place, as is the parking lot on the west side. Crews are working on the bus loop and the sidewalks on the east side.

Inside, on the second floor, crews last week were painting and placing ceiling tile.

“We are still on track to have substantial completion by Oct. 29,” VanderHeiden said.

Right now, Park Elementary Principal Dan Olberg is overseeing the building’s fourth- and fifth-grade students with Michael Daugs, Tiger Elementary’s principal, overseeing the building’s second- and third-graders. Once the planned Nov. 30 move is underway, Daugs, his students and their teachers will move to Tiger Elementary to continue the school year.