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Races with three or more candidates were narrowed to two Aug. 11 as voters in Hutchinson, McLeod County and all around Minnesota went to the polls for the primary election.

Locally, voters in Hutchinson narrowed the field of candidates in the City Council Seat 3 race, and voters in Silver Lake, Winsted, Lester Prairie, Hale Township, Winsted Township and Bergen Township trimmed their options for County Commissioner District 1 to two candidates.

All results are preliminary prior to canvasing.


Brandon Begnaud and John Lofdahl garnered the most votes, with 754 and 396, respectively. That means they'll be on the ballot this November.

Candidates William Teetzel (104 votes), Mark Carrigan (254) and Jeff Liestman (216) will not advance. The incumbent, Steve Cook, didn't run.

"It feels great," Begnaud said. "What I keep saying to people is just how thankful I am for all the support. It's kind of been overwhelming in a lot of ways."

He also thanked the other candidates for running and making it a full race. This is his first time running for public office.

"It's been fun so far," Begnaud said. "It's not something I ever really thought I would do, but I'm enjoying it very much. And the support has been unreal."

"I am happy," Lofdahl said of the results. "I actually really want to thank everybody who ran for the seat. That shows interest in what's happening in the city."

He encouraged the other candidates, and Hutchinson residents, to consider serving on local boards and commissions, such as the planning commission or sustainability board.

"That's how I did it 16 years ago and continue to do it," he said.

Lofdahl served four years on the City Council previously but lost an election two years ago to current Council Member Dave Sebesta


Of three candidates, Nathan Schmalz (392 votes) and José Luciano (348) came out ahead and will be on the ballot this November. The race was tight, however, with the third candidate, Anthony Kadlec, garnering 306 votes. The incumbent, Ron Shimanski, didn't run.

Schmalz said he plans to continue getting the word out to voters in District 1 about his decades of public service.

"I'm completely grateful for the support the voters have shown towards me," Schmalz said. "And I am humbled by their support."

Luciano's campaign has gone door to door to meet voters and plans to continue that practice, with consideration to social distancing.

"I'm grateful," Luciano said. "It's another vote of confidence and it's encouraging. I must note ... this was tremendously close between the leader and the third-place finisher. ... Three very competent candidates were running."


McLeod County residents also voted in wider primary races for the 7th Congressional District. Representative Collin Petersen currently holds the seat. The candidate who received the most votes for each party will be on the ballot in November.


  • Michelle Fischbach 25,848 (58.66 percent)
  • Dave Hughes 9,850 (22.35 percent)
  • Noel Collis 6,656 (15.1 percent)
  • William Louwagie 963 (2.19 percent)
  • Jayesun Israel Sherman 750 (1.7 percent)


  • Rep. Collin Peterson 26,708 (75.6 percent)
  • Alycia Gruenhagen 5,913 (16.74 percent)
  • Stephen Emery 2,706 (7.66 percent)

Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis:

  • Rae Hart Anderson 208 (66.67 percent)
  • Kevin Shores 104 (33.33 percent)

Legal Marijuana:

  • Slater Johnson 584 (100 percent)


All Minnesotans voted in a statewide primary for U.S. Senate. Senator Tina Smith currently holds the seat. The candidate who received the most votes for each party will be on the ballot in November.


  • Jason Lewis 190,832 (78.15 percent)
  • Cynthia Gail 17,616 (7.21 percent)
  • John Berman 16,115 (6.6 percent)
  • Bob Carney Jr. 10,475 (4.29 percent)
  • James Reibestein 9,160 (3.75 percent)


  • Sen. Tina Smith 497,267 (87.14 percent)
  • Paula Overby 30,481 (5.34 percent)
  • Ahmad Hassan 20,032 (3.51 percent)
  • Steve Carlson 16,393 (2.87 percent)
  • Christopher Lovell Seymore Sr. 6,475 (1.13 percent)

Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis:

  • Oliver Steinberg 3,267 (100 percent)

Legal Marijuana:

  • Kevin O'Connor 6,987 (100 percent)

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