Casting a ballot

Automark electronic ballot markers, as pictured above, are being phased out for newer devices in McLeod County.

McLeod County will receive funds to offset the cost of voting assistance devices approved for purchase late last year. 

The Minnesota Legislature last year approved $1.93 million in funds to offset the purchase of optical scan counters, assistive voting devices and electronic rosters. The county's share of $34,691 was made available on April 25. The County Board approved a resolution this past week to acquire the money.

McLeod County had approved $101,552 in equipment to provide OmniBallot Tablets to townships, cities and the county office. The devices replace AutoMARK voting machines.

"The technology for the AutoMARKs is very old. They're just being replaced now," said McLeod County Auditor-Treasurer Connie Kurtzweg. "OmniBallots are the only assistive voting device marking approved by the Secretary of State."

With the state aid, Help America Vote Act funds and special revenue funds, the remaining balance for the county elections budget is down to $11,444.