Daryl Luthens and Nathan Schmalz

Daryl Luthens and Nathan Schmalz were elected to the McLeod County Board of Commissioners.

Two new representatives will be joining the McLeod County Board of Commissioners following the 2020 election.

Nathan Schmalz has won the County Board District 1 seat over José Luciano. Schmalz is a newcomer, as incumbent Ron Shimanski is finishing his final year on the board before retirement. District 1 includes Silver Lake, Winsted, Lester Prairie, Hale Township, Winsted Township and Bergen Township.

"I'm humbled by the support that the District 1 voters have shown me," Schmalz said. "We always said my campaign was based on truth and getting the truth out there, always with a positive message."

He said that due to COVID-19, it was more challenging to meet voters, but it didn't stop him from doing so. Going into 2021, Schmalz will shift his focus to the business of the County Board he's now been elected to serve on starting January.

"The first thing is to get moved into the new government center, and make sure we have that up and running and make sure it's everything we hoped it would be," he said.

In the County Board District 4 race, incumbent Rich Pohlmeier was defeated by challenger Daryl Luthens. Luthens will represent the southeast side of Hutchinson, Biscay, Brownton, Hassan Valley Township, Rich Valley Township and Sumter Township. Luthens did not respond to the Leader's request for comment.

Incumbent Paul Wright, who represents District 3, was unchallenged. His district includes the southwest corner of Hutchinson and the southwest corner of the county.