Spirit of the Times

Hal, a Dacotah's stories appeared in "Spirit of the Times," a 19th-century newspaper published in New York City. The author's real name was Henry Sibley, the first governor of Minnesota and a friend of Martin McLeod.

You never know what you might find at the museum. Through a dutiful search among volumes of worn and battered texts, or a hunt through thousands of antiquated artifacts, you may run across a gem that’s been hidden away for decades, maybe longer. Assuredly, a trip to the museum can be a treasure hunt all its own.

Not long ago, a museum volunteer passed one of these gems across my desk. She was transcribing letters to do with Martin McLeod and found a most interesting letter written by a man who called himself “Hal a Dacotah.” After a bit of research, it turned out that Hal was Henry Sibley, the first governor of Minnesota.

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