The Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival has been around since 1941. How much do you know about this annual event? Challenge yourself and your friends with the Leader’s annual Water Carnival quiz. Note, this year at least one question has more than one correct answer.

The answers are below.

1. In 1993, what were the two most well-attended Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival events?

a. Kiddy Day Parade and Run by the River

b. Boat Parade and the canoe races

c. Grande Day Parade and fireworks

d. Teddy Bear Band and Miss Hutchinson Coronation

2. What year did the Water Carnival feature a Volksmarch?

a. 1989

b. 1993

c. 2005

d. 2010

3. This Mr. Hutchinson was born in Northfield, graduated from Randolph High School in 1944 and served in the U.S. Air Force during World War II. Who was it?

a. Bob Stearns

b. John Miller

c. Jay Beytien

d. Harold Juul

4. What year did the Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival launch its four days of fun with a Community Hymn Sing?

a. 1942

b. 1957

c. 1994

d. 2001

5. What year did the Water Carnival feature the wrestling show with Hard Boiled Haggerty and Farmer Marlin?

a. 1953

b. 1968

c. 1998

d. 2006

6. This man was parade marshall in 1950 and later was named Mr. Hutchinson. Who was it?

a. Dr. Carl Bretzke

b. Ralph Bergstrom

c. Lew Merrill

d. Clifford Popp

7. What year were convertibles introduced at the Grande Day Parade?

a. 1949

b. 1960

b. 1972

d. 1980

8. What year was it decided Miss Hutchinson would compete in the Aquatennial’s Queen of the Lakes pageant the year after she was crowned?

a. 1951

b. 1962

c. 1974

d. 1990

9. Can you name the medical doctors who were selected as Mr. Hutchinson?

a. Dr. Virgil Voigt, Dr. J.H. Burns and Dr. E.W. Lippmann

b. Dr. Ben Writbitzky, Dr. A.J. Thompson and Dr. Carl Bretzke

c. Dr. George Smith, Dr. Carl Bretzke and Dr. E.W. Lippmann

d. Dr. Ross Sheppard, Dr. Ben Writbitzky and Dr. A.J. Thompson

10. Can you name the dentists who were chosen as Mr. Hutchinson?

a. Dr. Ben Writbitzky, Dr. Ross Sheppard and Dr. J.H. Burns

b. Dr. Carl Bretzke, Dr. A.J. Thompson and Dr. Virgil Voigt

c. Dr. E.W. Lippman, Dr. George Smith and Dr. Ross Sheppard

d. Dr. Virgil Voigt, Dr. A.J. Thompson and Dr. George Smith

11. Two Mr. Hutchinson’s were politicians. Who were they?

a. Howard Quade and Eugene “Bud” Daggett

b. Milton Brinkman and Jay Alrick

c. Ancher Nelsen and John Bernhagen

d. Eldred Miller and Harold Juul

12. Who served as commodore of the Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival three times?

a. Cliff Betker

b. Lew Merrill

c. Keith Richards

d. Robert Ortloff

13. Of the following Mr. Hutchinsons, who also served as commodore?

a. Vern Hahn

b. Marlin Torgerson

c. Jay Beytien

d. Milton Brinkman

e. Ivan Hurt

14. Who were the married couple that served together as Mr. Hutchinson and Hutchinson Woman of the Year?

a. John and Letty Bernhagen

b. Leonard and Dori Johnson

c. Ralph and Geri Johnson

d. Cliff and Ella Popp

15. What year was a museum of Water Carnival memorabilia added to the festivities?

a. 1961

b. 1988

c. 2003

d. 2017

16. How many music options does the 77th annual Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival offer?

a. 2

b. 5

c. 6

d. 7

17. Where did the Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival originally take place?

a. Lake Marion

b. Crow River

c. Lake Washington

d. Otter/Campbell lakes

18. The Grande Day Parade followed a variety of routes during the years. During the 1940s, which way did the parade travel on Main Street?

a. North to south

b. South to north

c. The parade did not travel on Main Street at that time

19. The Water Carnival has gained a reputation for its outstanding Sunday fireworks. What year was a second night of fireworks added?

a. 1955

b. 1976

c. 2000

d. 2017

20. Who of the following were honored as Mr. Hutchinson and Hutchinson Woman of the Year?

a. Ron and Kathleen McGraw

b. Bob and Rosella Stearns

c. Carl and Marylin Bretzke

d. Cliff and Ella Popp

e. Bob and Kay Peterson

f. Ralph and Geri Johnson

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