Despite rain on Saturday, the Heatwole Threshing Association held its 40th annual show this past weekend.

Attendees watched log sawing, grain threshing, plowing, blacksmithing, tractor games, and a variety of other old-time activities. Children enjoyed the kids games, ice cream parlor and animal petting zoo, while teenagers and young adults make up many of the participants in the tractor games, tractor pull, wood stove cooking demonstrations, small engine displays, corn shelling and blacksmithing.

Saturday’s rain postponed the tractor pull classes for one day, so Sunday had more than five hours of tractor pull competition to watch at the club’s show grounds southwest of Hutchinson. This year the show featured tractors with steel wheels.

Winners of Saturday’s tractor driving contests were:

  • Hook-up Contest: Jeremy Hoff of Hutchinson
  • Barrel Roll Contest: Jerome Borchardt of Brownton
  • Slow Race Forward: Justin Miller of Hutchison
  • Slow Race Reverse: Eric Pawelk of Montrose
  • Blind Race: Justin Miller of Hutchinson
  • Chain Drag: Ron Schmidt of Hutchinson
  • Obstacle Course: Jeremy Hoff of Hutchinson and Eric Pawelk of Montrose

Tractor pull class winners were:

Class 1 (3,000 pounds)

1. Jody Burmeister of Stewart (Case VAC)

2. Lowell Peterson of Hutchinson (Allis-Chalmers B)

3. Pat Vorlicek of Stewart (John Deere B)

Class 2 (3,500 pounds)

1. Kevin Bunke of Hector (Allis-Chalmers WD)

2. Tina Vorlicek of Stewart (Ford 860)

3. Greg Bunke of Silver Lake (Allis-Chalmers WD)

Class 3 (4,100 pounds)

1. Bobby Rannow of Glencoe (Ford 850)

2. Pat Vorlicek of Stewart (Allis-Chalmers WD)

3. Jim Burmeister of Stewart (Minneapolis-Moline Z)

Class 4 (4,700 pounds)

1. Jeremy Hoff of Hutchinson (Case DC 2)

2. Bobby Rannow of Glencoe (Ford 850)

3. Josiah Schmidt of Silver Lake (Allis-Chalmers WD-45)

Class 5 (5,500 pounds)

1. Eric Pawelk of Montrose (Case DC)

2. Kelsey Howe of Hutchinson (John Deere 530)

3. Mitchell Shesta of Hutchinson (McCormick Deering W-6)

Class 6 (6,000 pounds)

1. Chris Johnson of Hutchinson (John Deere 60)

2. Nathan Pagel of Winthrop (Oliver Super 88)

3. Justin Miller of Hutchinson (McCormick Deering W-6)

Class 7 (6,500 pounds)

1. Eugene Hoff of Hutchinson (Case L)

2. Jerome Borchardt of Brownton (John Deere A)

3. Gracie Garoutte of Glencoe (John Deere 620)

Class 8 (7,500 pounds)

1. Jerome Burmeister of Hutchinson (Case LA)

2. Don Mielke of Plato (John Deere 730)

3. Kelsey Howe of Hutchinson (John Deere 730)

Class 9 (8,500 pounds)

1. Justin Miller of Hutchinson (John Deere 820)

2. Darrold Otto of Litchfield (John Deere 820)

3. Caleb Avdt of Stewart (John Deere 820)

Class 10 (10,500 pounds)

1. Curt Paulson of Hutchinson (John Deere 820)

2. Kelsey Howe of Hutchinson (John Deere 830)

3. Gene Kruse of Hutchinson (John Deere 830)

Steel wheel exhibition

1. Rich VandeCreek of Watertown (Twin City)

2. Jeremy Hoff of Hutchinson (Case L)

3. Greg Pawelk of Montrose (Hart Parr 18-36)

The 2020 Heatwole Threshing Association show is scheduled for Aug. 8-9, and the show will feature Ford and Oliver tractors. 

For more information, call Corey Henke at 320-587-9143.

Sue Pawelk is a member of the Heatwole Threshing Association.

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