Miss Hutchinson Coronation 1994

The thrill of being named Miss Hutchinson 1994 shows on the face of Jill Walser as Miss Hutchinson 1993, Michelle Cox, places the crown on her head during the coronation ceremony Sunday, June 19, 1994. Looking on was candidate Tania Mitchell. Jessica DeVries was named Princess at the 52nd annual Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival. Commodore Brent Schmeling described the weekend as a “huge success” and praised the level of community support displayed during the festival.

125 YEARS AGO: 1894

According to the Renville Star-Farmer, a newspaper is like a bill of fare. No one person likes all it contains. The proper way is to select what you like and leave what you dislike for those who have a taste for it. Don’t find fault with the entire menu because you can’t swallow the whole list. The greater the variety, the spicier the fare.

The employees of the Pullman Car Company, between 3,000 and 4,000 men and woman, are on strike against starvation wages. Of all the vile, greedy, soulless monopolies, the Pullman Sleeping Car Company is the worst. Prices established during the war still prevail, yet no opportunity has been missed to reduce the wages of all its employees.

Flax for September delivery is worth $1.

About half the population of Hutchinson was at the lakes this week.

Numerous improvements are being made on the school buildings in Hutchinson.

A young married woman in Hutchinson is wearing a black eye caused by a blow from her husband’s fist. Another woman, so reliable witnesses say, is whipped as often as her husband thinks he needs exercise. The Leader called attention to one of these cases several months ago and the fear of publicity and punishment caused the party to dispense, for a time, with his exercise. The facts are well known to several citizens, but as the women who are the chief sufferers do not appeal for help, they hesitate about taking action.

100 YEARS AGO: 1919

The records show that, considering the number of men she sent into the world war, McLeod County’s host of boys got off with few casualties, a fact for which we are all thankful. As yet, no accurate record has been made of the number killed in action, but we believe it does not exceed three at the most.

”I came. I saw. I conquered,” has gone down in history as a soldier’s famous message. A doughboy sends one to his wife as a brief, as pointed but it may not live in history. His message is “Deloused, demobilized, delighted.”

75 YEARS AGO: 1944

A miniature tornado wrecked the barn on the Carl Dahlgren farm near Cosmos during hectic weather conditions, and both Mr. Dahlgren and his son, Carl, who were in the barn, were injured so much so they were both hospitalized. They were in the process of milking and Mr. Dahlgren had just taken off the milking machine when the storm struck. The only casualties were several chickens and one puppy. The barn was a total wreck, but the loss was covered by insurance.

Parking regulations on Hutchinson’s downtown streets are going to be more strictly enforced and city officials make a plea for cooperation from parking motorists. There are many instances when drivers park out in the street even when there is room next to the curb.

50 YEARS AGO: 1969

Continued population growth and the problems associated with it were predicted in the report of the Trends and Projections committee of the Hutchinson Citizens Action program at a public meeting. The report is based on population estimates averaged from four different authoritative sources. Hutchinson city population is pegged at 8,700 now and is forecast to grow to 14,500 in a decade. The city plus four townships are pegged at 12,000 and forecast to grow to 17,600 in 10 years.

Casey Jones and Roundhouse Rodney will be the featured guests at the 1969 Water Carnival Kids’ Day. The personalities will be honorary marshals for the Kiddy Parade and will stage a show in Library Square.

25 YEARS AGO: 1994

Jay Alrick, longtime Main Street businessman, was named Water Carnival’s Mr. Hutchinson. “I think it’s a great honor to be part of such a distinguished group of former Mr. Hutchinsons going back for many years,” Alrick said.

Hutchinson Jaycee Women named Mary Ann Kasich as its 1994 Woman of the Year.

Bill Corby has taken over the ownership of Brinkman Studio. He plans to offer wedding, family, business and senior portraiture, as well as photo-finishing services.

If enough interest is generated in the next couple of weeks, a local access internet hub could be in Hutchinson by the end of July costing as low as $13 per month plus installation and annual fee. The Hutchinson Telephone Co. has signed a letter of intent with Polaris Telecom and the Minnesota Equal Access Network Service, according to Cary Linder of the telephone company.

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