Daron and Lori VanderHeiden

It was the fall of 1994 when Daron and Lori VanderHeiden began teaching in the Hutchinson School District. She and her husband had been teaching in separate districts near Austin. Lori commuted about 20 minutes each morning and Daron commuted 30 and sometimes 45 miles, depending on where he worked in his district. Now it’s the same district and the same Tiger mascot, but different buildings and different educational fields.

125 YEARS AGO: 1894

From the Dassel Anchor: When a man decided to take the Keeley cure, we are ready to testify to his good sense and honest determination. We are glad to know that so many of our Litchfield neighbors have started on the right track and hope a little bit of leaven will work over to our side of the county and encourage some of our worthy sick ones to seek a cure.

There are several cases of the mumps in town.

Miss Drache requests the ladies to bear in mind that she will have a special sale on face veils next week.

100 YEARS AGO: 1919

County Agent C.H. Cook sends out word that hog cholera has appeared in McLeod County again. Within one week reports of cholera came from four different sections of the county. The most serious outbreak was near Silver Lake where it was found on nine different farms. Cholera is also on one farm in Collins Township and one farm near Sumter Township.

The City Council really started something regarding paving for Hutchinson. The council collectively and individually favors paving. They believe that if Hutchinson is to remain in the front rank of Northwest small cities, we must keep abreast of the times. We must have modern improvements such as other cities no larger or better than Hutchinson have.

75 YEARS AGO: 1944

The Hutchinson Hemp Plant is one of 11 similar plants in Minnesota offered for sale now on the basis that they will be “surplus” when their war work is ended. The local plant is now processing the crop raised in 1943, most of which could not be brought in to the site until this spring; and has enough hemp left to keep going throughout the winter. No one at this time has hazarded an opinion as to what type of business the plant would be suited.

Sgt. Carl Schultz has written a letter to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schultz: “For those who like big game hunting, India, or certain parts of it anyhow, would provide more than enough excitement. The biggest thrill of a lifetime, according to the lieutenant, is coming face to face with a real Bengal tiger. At Darjeeling, the local of an Army rest camp, they tell me it is possible to see Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, in the distance. Here in the China-Burma-India theater, American troops have the distinction of being in one of the few not completely explored regions in the earth.”

50 YEARS AGO: 1969

McLeod County has had a 16.1 percent increase in population since the 1960 census, according to data released by the section of vital statistics of the Minnesota Department of Health. Estimated population of the county as of July 1, 1968, was 28,319, which was 3,918 more than the 24,401 recorded in the 1960 census recorded April 1.

The way toward a centralized landfill operation was cleared when McLeod County commissioners granted a special-use permit to Bullert Construction Co. The permit will allow the company to operate the landfill on its property about a mile southeast of Biscay, where it has a gravel pit.

25 YEARS AGO: 1994

The Hutchinson City Council gave Mayor Marlin Torgerson an official nod to research the potential of a 0.5 percent sales tax for the city. The revenue from the sales tax could be used to pay for capital projects in the city. “We’ve contacted our local legislators and they are willing to sponsor legislation,” Torgerson said.

People’s Platform: I think the City Council should pass an ordinance that prohibits rollerblading on city streets after dark. It’s just an accident waiting to happen.

Now showing at State 3: “The River Wild” with Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon; “Forrest Gump” starring Tom Hanks; and “Little Giants,” which is the comic telling of a gridiron miracle.

According to managers of three area grain elevators, the 1994 soybean and corn crop could make 1994 one of their busiest harvest seasons ever. “There is a lot of crop out there,” said Lloyd Block, manager of Farmers Elevator Association in Hutchinson.

Citing the continued need for additional courthouse space, the McLeod County long-range planning committee voted to recommend to the County Board that it proceed with planning for a courthouse expansion. The motion, which was made by 4th District Commissioner Donn Ulrich, jump-starts a project that has been dormant since county residents defeated a $5.8 million bond referendum in July.

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