Winstock 1994

Winstock drew many country fans June 24-25, 1994, including Joanne Kautz of Silver Lake and Roseanne Huertel of Winsted. In the background, Crystal Gayle dazzles the crowd. Also performing during the weekend was Waylen Jennings and Paulette Carlson.

125 YEARS AGO: 1894

From the St. James Journal: Statistics show that the result of the average toiler’s work is $10.50 per day, but the sum the toiler receives is an average of only $1.16. In other words, somebody else gets $9.85 a day off the toil of every honest worker in the land. Who is that somebody?

Two distinct cyclones passed Hutchinson: One southeast of us between Biscay and Glencoe and one northeast, three miles from Litchfield. The Charles A. Johnson farm was the first to suffer. His large barn was demolished. His house was moved 10 feet from its foundation, a horse was killed and another injured. The damage is about $2,000. The Getchell schoolhouse was completely carried away. The roof and sides of the building were scattered for three miles.

Hasty marriages are inadvisable and unwise. But it is hoped that the example of Paul Netzland and Rosa Schulz, who took out a marriage license 10 years ago and only got married last week, will not be generally followed. Engagements of this length would pauperize the average young man if the prospective bride were addicted to the ice cream and caramel habit.

The party who lost a cow should call for the same at the Moses farm, two miles southwest of town.

Hutchinson and Brownton baseball teams played on the home grounds. Something must have been the matter, for Hutchinson lost. The score was 29-21.

100 YEARS AGO: 1919

Frank Kouba, Hutchinson Holstein breeder, has for the past few weeks been running in the columns a small ad calling to the attention of those interested that he has high-class, purebred young stock for sale.

Darwin has decided to incorporate. At the special election of last week, 30 ballots were cast in favor of incorporation and only four votes in opposition.

75 YEARS AGO: 1944

Four Hutchinson sergeants, members of Hutchinson’s famous Co. B of the 133rd infantry, 34th division, are back home for a well-earned rest after 29 months overseas. They all four participated in some of the toughest fighting in this war, both in Africa and Italy, and saw some of their best buddies fall in the field of battle.

Letters are now reaching Hutchinson relatives from those who took part in the initial invasion of Normandy. Norman Lockert, who is a navigator on the Victory ship landing craft, wrote that he has been busy landing troops and that he was one of the lucky ones who came through all the excitement without a scratch.

50 YEARS AGO: 1969

Picketers appeared at one construction site in Hutchinson carrying banners against Rockite Silo Inc. of Hutchinson. Banners reading that Rockite is unfair to the Teamsters Local were being carried at the entrance to 3M, where Rockite is hauling premixed concrete for the construction site work there.

An early morning electrical storm in Hutchinson caused problems with the city’s fire and emergency warning system. Apparently, lightning struck telephone lines, shorting out two outlying sirens. Many residents reacted by calling the police dispatch office, keeping lines so busy that the dispatcher couldn’t get a free line to call a repair crew to correct the situation.

25 YEARS AGO: 1994

With the threat of approaching funnel clouds, it was not surprising that the turnout was less than expected at Winstock Country Music Festival. The two-day attendance total was expected to be between 5,000 and 7,000 people, but only about 3,500 fans braved the unpredictable weather.

Les Schuft and the Country Dutchmen are featured in Monday’s installment of the Music in the Park series at 7 p.m. at Library Square. The McLeod County Dairy Association is sponsoring an ice cream social in conjunction with the concert. Also on the summer performance schedule is Bruce Bradley, Wally Pikal, Lyndon Peterson and the 3M Music Makers.

A small but fierce storm cell damaged property in the northern part of Hutchinson. A trailer home in Country Club Terrace was knocked away from the front steps and an oak tree was snapped at a Rolling Oaks Lane home.

John Richards, administrator of Burns Manor Municipal Nursing Home, was the speaker at the June 21 meeting of the Hutchinson Kiwanis Club. Richards told the group about changes in care for senior citizens, including information that Burns Manor is developing its own home health care company.

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