1995 Groundbreaking for Minne-Mine Credit Union

Several representatives of Minne-Mine Credit Union and community representatives were on hand in early July 1995 for the groundbreaking ceremonies for the credit union’s new site, east of Walmart along State Highway 15 in Hutchinson. The construction of the new 10,000-square-foot building is expected to be completed by the end of November. Minne-Mine has been in Hutchinson since 1972.

125 YEARS AGO: 1895

We sell our wool to eastern factories at 10 cents a pound and buy it back again in cloth at a dollar a pound.

Miss Blackwell opened the kindergarten with a big flock of red cheeks and short legs in attendance.

In various parts of the county, there was a hard frost, but the worst reports came from northwest of Hutchinson. Corn fields and gardens were severely injured. Frosts in July! What is the world coming to?

A.I. Hamilton and A.P. Thompson were granted water permits. There are now 35 patrons of the waterworks system and several other citizens will soon tap the main.

From the Royalton Banner: There are some people in every community who do little less than kick, kick, kick. They kick about the churches. They kick about the council. They kick about everything and everybody except themselves. They seem to be trying to make a name for themselves as kickers and have forgotten that jackasses and mules have a record in this line that is hard to beat.

100 YEARS AGO: 1920

Perfect June days set to music and poetry failed to materialize during June 1920. There were rain and cloudy days. There was 9.19 inches of rain, including the rain on the last day of June. The highest temperature was 95 degrees on June 13. The lowest temperature was 39, just degrees from freezing.

There is a great necessity for a school nurse as evidenced in the following report from March 1 to present: Visits to 64 of the rural schools and the examination of 1,309 children, there were found 928 of them defective. Fifty-five of them needed immediate care; 10 percent had very poor vision; 8 percent had a marked deformity or nasal obstruction; 25 percent with resulting discomforts and complications from enlarged and diseased tonsils; 14 percent malnourished to the point of emaciation; and 44 children were almost deaf. Many of the children had defective hearing due to impacted earwax and some had kernels of wheat and oats in their ears. A large number of the children had their teeth repaired, which was much needed. Two-thirds of the rural school children had been suffering earaches, toothaches and from gums that were full of pus.

75 YEARS AGO: 1945

The number of farms in McLeod County, as shown by the preliminary counts from the 1945 Census of Agriculture, was 2,499 as compared to 2,504 in 1940, and 2,550 in 1935. The total land in farms in McLeod County according to the preliminary count was 308,315 acres, as compared with 304,435 acres in 1940 and 304,486 acres in 1935.

50 YEARS AGO: 1970

Social Security benefits paid to residents of McLeod County totaled $313,000 a month as 1969 ended. A benefit increase, signed into law by President Nixon, raised the monthly rate of payment by 15 percent for 4,174 Social Security beneficiaries in McLeod County.

25 YEARS AGO: 1995

The 12th annual state rally of the Minnesota Wings Motorcycle Club is returning to Hutchinson. An estimated 200 Honda Gold Wing motorcycles are expected to attend and they have enough chrome to create a glow of their own. Established in 1983, Minnesota Wings is made up exclusively of owners of Honda’s top-of-the-line motorcycle — the Gold Wing.

’Tis the season for new construction and new businesses in the area, and Hutchinson isn’t the only city with growing pains. Glencoe will soon be home to a new Pamida discount store. Crews have begun to construct the building, which is east of U.S. Highway 212, next to the Town and Country grocery store. Construction is slated to be completed by Oct. 1. Plato Woodwork in Plato is undergoing an expansion, too. The company is adding 50,000 square feet off of the factory’s west side. And for fans of bars and grills, the Maverick Bar and Grill opened in Litchfield.

Just say “super-size it.” McDonalds now has a meal and a deal for you. If you’ve got the appetite, choose any extra value meal and say “super-size it.” You’ll get super-size fries and a large soft drink with it at a special price. If you’re really hungry, “super-size it!”

If you own a Cadillac in Hutchinson, it might be time to keep it under wraps in a locked garage. Between July 1-6, parts, usually hood ornaments, were stole from eight Cadillacs. Reports from the Hutchinson Police Department indicate all but two incidents occurred north of the Crow River, including three in neighborhoods between Main Street and Bluff Street.

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