Recently, I was getting in my daily exercise, which includes a two-mile walk, off the beaten path down a field road, along a drainage ditch, over a bridge, and back again. I thoroughly enjoy these daily walks, especially when the weather gets warmer. I love taking in all the signs of new life and growth around me, except for garter snakes. I had run into one a few days prior, and it left me screaming and high-stepping my way past it for several yards! Since then, I had been much more cautious where I stepped, my gaze laser-fixed on the ground before me, watching out for potential “hazards.”

My eyes were locked on the path before me on this particular day. I am unsure what I would do differently if I saw a snake again. At best, my reaction likely would have been the same — scream and run. But while I walked, the Spirit of God impressed a thought upon my heart. Why was I so focused on what was directly in front of me? Of course, there would be the potential for snakes in my path, but I was not in danger. I was becoming so focused on my fear of snakes that I was starting to miss the beauty around me.

— Written by Whitney Nesse of Foundation Church. Foundation Church meets 9:30 a.m. Sundays at Hutchinson Middle School.