D-C Christmas play

Rehearsing for the FungusAmongus Players Christmas production are, from left, Josiah Wheatley, Alex Nelson and Eva Marquez. Pictured behind the actors is director David Metcalf.

Ho, ho ho, let’s talk about a Christmas show produced by the FungusAmongus Players of Dassel-Cokato. Take a big breath ... the title is  “The Butterfingers Angel, Mary and Joseph, Herod the Nut, and the Slaughter of Twelve Hit Carols in a Pear Tree.”

Author William Gibson tells the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus from a fresh and richly creative point of view. He combines a series of deftly constructed short scenes, traditional Christmas music, and often antic characterizations into a wholly original theater piece. The flow of the action follows the Biblical recounting, but is enhanced by a tree, a sheep and a donkey who talk; a beguiling Mary who had heretofore decided that men and marriage were not for her; a suddenly cautious Joseph who now contends that he is too old for his intended; and a flustered boy-angel who directs the action from a promptbook and manages to get only the most strangled, bleating sounds from his trumpet. But, through all the lively and resourceful happenings, the true significance of the occasion is never lost, and the underlying mood and spirit of reverence is, if anything, enhanced and made new by the distinctive approach of this joyful and unique retelling.