Celebrate National Sandwich Month in August by building a sandwich that is tasty and nutritious.

August is National Sandwich Month, and who doesn’t love a sandwich now and then. They’re a quick, easy meal that can be inexpensive and nutritious, depending on your ingredients.

I grew up in the days of white Wonder Bread, and a lot has changed since then. You can build a sandwich with a variety of breads such as whole wheat, rye, sourdough and cranberry wild rice. In addition there are wraps, flatbreads, pita pockets, croissants and a multitude of specialty breads and buns. You could even use a nice leaf of Romaine or Bibb lettuce. The choices are endless.

So how do you build a healthy sandwich?

Let’s start with your bread choice. It’s best to use a whole grain product. Why? Because whole grain products have more fiber, and fiber keeps you full longer.

To check if the product is a whole grain choice, refer to the ingredients label. The first ingredient should state whole wheat, whole rye or whole oats. Also check the nutrition facts label and choose a product with at least 2-3 grams of fiber per serving.

Now for the filling. There are just as many choices for fillings as bread options. I enjoy a tuna, egg salad or chicken salad sandwich every now and then. But I don’t use mayonnaise in my filling, I use low-fat plain yogurt.

If you’re unsure of using all yogurt, start with half low-fat plain yogurt and half mayo with olive oil and adjust from there. It makes a healthier sandwich and you can spice it up with fresh ingredients such as celery, onions or cucumbers. Fresh herbs can really give your sandwich pizzazz, too.

If you’re planning to make a sandwich with deli ham, turkey, roast beef or chicken, it gets a little tricky because all these options are typically high in sodium. One option is to buy a low-sodium meat, but be sure to check the nutrition fact label because varieties vary significantly.

Another option is to roast your meat, such as chicken or turkey, and slice thinly. This would be cost efficient also. Try to avoid bologna or salami as these choices are high in fat and sodium.

Be sure to add fresh vegetables or fruit to your sandwich. Try spinach, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, arugula, red or green peppers, onions or grated carrots. Fruits can be a delicious addition, too.

Additional tips:

  • As a general rule, the moister the filling, the drier and denser the bread should be.
  • Pack high-moisture ingredients such as tomatoes or pickles separately and add when you’re ready to eat.
  • Cover bread from edge to edge with your spread of choice to ensure a uniform flavor in every bite.
  • Hummus makes a tasty spread and is a great substitute for mayo.

Celebrate National Sandwich Month by building a sandwich that is tasty and nutritious.


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