Adam Michael Haman

Adam Michael Haman

In the execution of a search warrant, Hutchinson police found messages indicative of a sexual history between a European foreign exchange student and her host father, a Cosmos man.

Adam Michael Haman, 33, faces five criminal sexual conduct charges for the alleged conduct with a minor he had a position of authority over. According to a criminal complaint submitted to First District Court, officers found numerous messages stating “I love you,” pictures of the two kissing, and the defendant discussing purchasing vodka for the victim. On March 30, he allegedly sent a picture of his genitalia to the victim.

Haman allegedly began having sex with the victim, age 15, on New Year’s Eve in 2017, and continued for four months in two cities. According to the complaint, Haman engaged in the intercourse, described as consensual, by sneaking into the minor’s room of his Cosmos home. It allegedly continued after she moved to Hutchinson to live with a new host family, in that home.

A mandatory reporter informed law enforcement.

Haman was released from McLeod County Jail Tuesday, May 8, on a $30,000 cash bail. His next court appearance is June 29 for an omnibus hearing.