2019 Water Carnival medallion

Here's the first clue! Good luck.

Monday's Clue

Good day to the readers of this ditty, and welcome again to the game. The medallion is located in the city of Water Carnival fame.


Medallion hunt clues will be published daily starting Monday, June 10, at 8:30 a.m. on the Leader website: hutchinsonleader.com, Leader Facebook page and at Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism office in downtown Hutchinson.

Bonus clues will be published in the Hutchinson Leader Wednesday and Sunday print editions. Clues will not be read over the telephone. Hunters can post comments and discuss the contest on the Leader’s Facebook page.

The Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival medallion is hidden somewhere in the greater Hutchinson area. It is hidden on public property and will not require digging, climbing, cutting, hammering or any destructive means to retrieve it. Please do not intrude on private property or damage trees, shrubbery, buildings or other public property during your search.

To participate in the hunt, you must purchase a Water Carnival Button prior to beginning your search. Buttons can be purchased for $3 at participating Water Carnival sponsors. Anyone is eligible to join the hunt, except Hutchinson Leader Inc. staff and family, Water Carnival committee members and family, Medallion Hunt Committee members and family.

To be eligible for the prize of $500 from the Water Carnival Committee, the finder of the medallion should call 320-234-4164 between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. The person finding the medallion must present the medallion along with a Water Carnival button to claim the prize. The winner will receive the prize at the Miss Hutchinson Coronation Sunday, June 16, at the Hutchinson High School auditorium, 1200 Roberts Road S.W.

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