Hutchinson City Center

Hutchinson City Center, 111 Hassan St. S.E. Its meetings are the second Monday of the month.

Members of the Hutchinson City Council unanimously made the following decisions at their Tuesday meeting:

APPOINTMENTS: Reappointed Cheryl Dooley to the Airport Commission to September 2024. 

AUCTION: Approved the sale at auction of a 2012 John Deere wide area mower through Fahey Sales. The mower was originally part of the Parks Department and is no longer needed. 

BOND ISSUANCE: Approved issuing $5.86 million in general obligation improvement and refunding bonds. The funds raised from the bonds would go to financing 2019 improvement projects and refinance the 2009 Water and Sewer GO revenue bonds. 

BOARD MEETING: Scheduled a special meeting with the McLeod County Board of Commissioners 3:30-5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 29, at the McLeod County Fairgrounds Commercial Building meeting room.

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