Legacy restoration

A team with Legacy Restoration installed roofing at Hutchinson’s newest Habitat for Humanity House this past week.

Hutchinson is the first city to benefit from a new partnership between Legacy Restoration and Habitat for Humanity.

According to a press release, Legacy Restoration, which specializes in residential, multifamily and commercial storm damage restoration, has pledged to donate labor, product and services to three houses per year, in each of the markets it serves — Minnesota, Louisiana and Colorado.

This week, Legacy Restoration was on site in Hutchinson, at the local Habitat for Humanity house site on Grant Avenue Southeast.

“We believe that a home is more than the walls that surround you and keep you safe each night. It is a place where one can cultivate hope and a sense of self that prepares them to live their best life,” said Brookley Wofford Topel, marketing and public relations manager for Legacy Restoration. “Your home is part of your legacy. Restoring and rebuilding homes is part of our legacy. To play a part in the Crow River Habitat for Humanity’s 25th home build as we launch this national partnership was a tremendous experience for our team.”

Crow River Habitat for Humanity has built 24 homes in McLeod County since 1994.

Each project ranges roughly from $160,000 to $180,000 to build a quality three-bedroom, one-bath home, paid for with funds from grants, donations and no-interest loans.

The incoming homeowner for each house is financed with a 25- to 35-year, interest-free mortgage held by Crow River Habitat for Humanity. Loan payments, which will never exceed 30 percent of gross income, are approximately $700 to $800 per month and include principal, taxes, insurance and a maintenance account.

Homeowners invest a minimum of 200 hours of “sweat equity” and an earnest money deposit to cover closing costs and homeowner insurance. The approved written application is followed by an extensive home visit.

For more information, visit www.crhfh.org, or call 320-587-8868.