With the beginning of a new year, it fell to members of the Hutchinson School Board to reorganize for another 12 months of business.

The annual necessities of choosing School Board officers, setting committee appointments and talking pay were handled at a reorganization meeting Jan. 3. Tiffany Barnard was the only person nominated for the chair position, therefore no vote was needed. The story was a bit different for the vice chair position.

Erin Knudtson nominated last year's chair, JoEllen Kimball, to serve as vice chair, while Keith Kamrath was nominated by Michael Massmann. In a 4-2 vote, Kimball was chosen as the new vice chair, with Barnard, Kimball, Knudtson and Sara Pollmann in favor. Kamrath and Massmann were opposed. 

Knudtson was the lone nominee to serve as clerk, and Pollmann was the lone nominee for treasurer. The Hutchinson Leader was chosen as the district's official newspaper for the publication of legal notices. 

Salaries of School Board members remained the same at $4,500 annually, with mileage set to match the IRS guideline for 2022.

School Board members were also assigned to meet with and conduct business with the following committees:

  • Educator Licensure and Teacher Quality: Kimball
  • Hearing Officer: Kimball
  • Facilities: Kimball, Knudtson and Massmann
  • Finance: Barnard, Kamrath and Pollmann
  • High School League: Knudtson
  • Insurance: Barnard
  • Legislative Liaison: Barnard
  • Little Crow Telemedia Network: Kamrath
  • Meet and Confer: All
  • Parks, Recreation and Community Education: Knudtson
  • Policy Review: Kamrath and Pollmann
  • Student Health and Wellness: Knudtson
  • Technology: Massmann
  • World's Best Workforce: Barnard, Kimball and Massmann

Board meetings will continue to be at 5:30 p.m. on the second Monday of each month. There will also be quarterly meetings at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 7, May 23, July 25 and Oct. 24.  All regular meetings are at Hutchinson City Center, 111 Hassan St. S.E., Hutchinson. Quarterly meetings are generally held at a school building in the district.