CDC image of coronavirus

At a July 7 McLeod County Board meeting, commissioners were told local COVID-19 cases are increasing.

"We continue to have a pretty rapid climb in our case number here in McLeod County," said Meghan Mohs, interim director of McLeod County Health and Human Services.

As of July 7, the number of cases had reached 93, indicating an increase of 23 in the past 14 days. Mohs predicted the number of cases would top 100 soon, and as of Monday morning it had reached 103. She asked county residents to continue to practice social distancing.

"I know it's controversial, but there is a lot of science around the mask wearing," Mohs added. "We encourage folks to continue to do that."

Mohs also told the County Board that mandated testing of all long-term care facilities in the county had started. Tests will be conducted by the National Guard on all staff and residents three times, with seven days between each test.

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