John Edwards

Kid Beast (John Edwards) performs during a hip-hop show in 2019 at the Hutchinson Center for the Arts. 

The Southwest Minnesota Arts Council has awarded John Edwards of Hutchinson a $4,000 individual artist equity grant. These grants provide up to $4,000 to aid Black, Indigenous, Latinx and other artists of color with projects that will advance their skills and artistic careers. This grant program has no match requirements.

With this grant, Edwards plans to do a multi-city promotion tour and mini-documentary to promote his hip-hop/rap music.

"My music has a message that I think could lift many spirits in today's world," Edwards said.

The funds will be used to record video, secure interviews, set up shows and purchase promotional materials. Edwards said that his vision is to showcase the musical talent that southwest Minnesota has to offer and that he's ready to market outside of his direct community.

For more information about grant opportunities, visit or call 800-622-5284.

— Kay Johnson