1996 bandstand

One of the most visible structures in Hutchinson — the Library Square Bandstand — is due for a facelift as a group spearheaded by the Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce is seeking to raise $22,000 beginning in September 1996 to pay for a variety of repairs including tuckpoint, cement and brick work, a new roof, siding on overhangs and fascia, new electrical and security lights, and miscellaneous carpentry work to the 75-year-old structure.

125 YEARS AGO: 1896

Hon. Joel Heatwole, Republican candidate for Congress, circulated among the crowds on the fairgrounds and found many old friends who were glad to feel the warmth of his handshake.

The Saengerfest at Plato was attended by a large crowd who enjoyed themselves hugely in picnicking and dancing. The occasion was for the benefit of the German singing society and yielded them a handsome revenue.

The notorious “Doc” Ames has come out as a candidate for governor and has scattered his circulars over the fairgrounds. Of course he cannot be elected, but he may draw a few votes from Lind and the general impression is that Dave Clough has hired the vile “Doc” to run. The picture of “Doc” Ames playing the gallant to women of ill-repute while his wife was on her deathbed ought to be enough to banish this palavering beast from public view. A vote for “Doc” Ames is a vote for Dave Clough, ignorant, illiterate and with a private record that smells to high heaven.

100 YEARS AGO: 1921

Toward providing work for thousands of men now idle and whose families would otherwise suffer from want next winter, and at the same time to make needed public road improvements, men and women and various organizations in this and every locality in the United states are urged to give support to a national movement started by the highway officials of several states and endorsed by citizens appreciating the present unemployment conditions. Every dollar is to serve a dual purpose in reducing unemployment and speeding development of adequate highways.

75 YEARS AGO: 1946

No new cases of polio have been reported for McLeod County this week, and all former patients are making good progress, according to Miss Alma Sparrow, county public health nurse.

50 YEARS AGO: 1971

The Hutchinson Leader again has been designated a National Blue Ribbon Newspaper by the National Editorial Foundation in Washington, D.C. The designation is for the 1972 Leader, which carries an identifying Blue Ribbon emblem on its front page nameplate.

Hutchinson again has a student doctor, but for a longer period than last year. George Gordon began a learn-by-doing program, which will continue for the University of Minnesota’s school year. Last year a student was here for a six-week externship. Assigned to Dr. George Smith through the Rural Physicians Associate Program, Gordon will work with all physicians at Hutchinson Medical Center and Hutchinson Community Hospital.

25 YEARS AGO: 1996

Incumbent Eloi Hamre and former commissioner Grant Knutson are on their way to the November election for District 3 McLeod County Board of Commissioners, but don’t count close challenger Tim Hacker out yet. Knutson surpassed Hamre by nearly 80 votes, but Hacker trailed Hamre by less than 25.

The mandatory use of the new 320 telephone area code for a large part of central Minnesota formerly in the 612 area code begins Sept. 15. Hutchinson and all of McLeod County is included in the change to the 320 area code. The change of the 612 area code to 320 outside the metropolitan area is being made because of the proliferation of fax machines, pagers, cellular phones, second phone lines and voicemail systems caused a shortage of numbers available in the 612 area code.

Youth crises can be challenging at home, at a grocery store or a church. Schools take a unique twist as teachers deal with student challenges and issues either in front of 20 or 30 classmates or alone in a corner while the classmates try to keep busy doing their own thing. Planning Rooms are an option some schools use. West Elementary with its kindergarten and first-grade students is the only Hutchinson Public School to use a PR and is in its fourth year. Litchfield Schools believe in the concept so much they spread the option up to eighth grade. The PR is an alternative education environment for use by students who are not managing their classroom behavior appropriately. It’s kind of like a combination of the principal’s and counselor’s offices. “It’s more immediate for students rather than sending them to the principal’s office and their having to wait,” said West Principal Dave Eberhardt. “It’s more for the routine kinds of things.”

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