McLeod County Flag

The McLeod County Board approved the following items at its Nov. 2 meeting:

WORK PAYMENTS: Approved a payment of $28,618 to Shafer Contracting Co. for concrete overlay on County State Aid Highway 2 from Sibley County to 10th Street, concrete overlay on County State Aid Highway 3 from State Highway 15 to county Road 75, and rehabilitation on County State Aid Highway 15 from 16th Street to County State Aid Highway 3, all with funds from the highway construction budget. Also approved a payment of $22,363 to Everstrong Construction for bridge replacement on County State Aid Highway 11 over the South Fork Crow River with funds from the highway construction budget.

JOINT DRAINAGE AUTHORITY: Approved a resolution to establish a new joint drainage authority and directing further proceedings. The drainage authority initiated proceedings to re-determine benefits of County Ditch 35 and received evidence that the ditch benefited Wright County properties. To include benefits in Wright County, a new authority is needed, which would include one member from Wright County. 

JAIL PHONE: Approved a contract with TKC TeleComm for inmate phone services in McLeod County Jail, beginning Jan. 1, 2022. The five-year contract will replace the existing service. The county works with Turnkey for video visitation and inmate commissary. The switch is meant to help streamline operations for staff. There is no cost for the service. TKC will provide equipment and installation, and it receives a commission from phone calls.

MEDIATION: Approved an agreement to mediate from Jim Yarosh, a mediator. McLeod County, Good Hunting, Laurie Vorlicek and Ron Vorlicek are parties to an eminent domain action and have been ordered by the district court to seek a resolution. Nothing in mediation is admissible at trial. By participating the county agrees to participate in good faith and pay the mediator fee. 

AMC DUES: Approved 2022 Association of Minnesota Counties annual membership dues of $17,256. The dues reflect an increase of the 2021 dues of $16,711.

LEASE AGREEMENT: Approved a lease agreement with Hennek Business Holdings for two large storage structures and the surrounding property, including the large structures outside of Glencoe used by the McLeod County Public Works and the McLeod County Sheriff's Office. The tenant agreed to the tax abatement of the county portion of the taxes for the property during the leaseback period. Hennek Business Holdings will be the landlord and the county will be the tenant. The lease would commence when the land is sold from the county to Hennek and end Jan. 2, 2023, or sooner. 

LAND BIDS: Approved a $310,000 bid from Overland Group for the purchase of McLeod County land and property for sale in Glencoe totaling 1.73 acres. The property is at the intersection with Sixth Street and includes U.S. Highway 212 access. The three parcels being sold together include two residential zoned properties and a commercial street front property. The offer included a $1,000 down payment, as opposed to a $5,000 down payment previously desired by the county. The bidder requested a six-month inspection period. The purchase agreement stipulates there will be no tenants.