The county has a plan to distribute roughly $700,000 from the state aimed at providing relief to businesses and nonprofits. Applications can be submitted through Feb. 1.

This aid differs from the CARES Act. It is meant to help eligible businesses impacted by shutdown requirements in Gov. Tim Walz's COVID-19 Emergency Executive Order 20-99, and provide relief to those whom the shutdown order limited the ability to provide services.

Specifically, the following types of businesses located in the county are eligible:

  • bars
  • entertainment venues
  • museums
  • event centers
  • dance and sport instruction facilities
  • bowling alleys
  • gyms

Applications will only be accepted digitally on the McLeod County website at More information can also be found on the website.

Businesses and nonprofits can use the application to self-identify, explain their need and how much money they need. Once the county has received all applications and reviewed them, money will be distributed based on need, loss, eligibility and consideration of previous fund distributions.

"The state has put a very big emphasis on the fact that (we shouldn't) give out an equal amount to each entity. It's a needs-based program," said McLeod County Administrator Sheila Murphy.

Applicants will be required to provide several financial documents. They must be in good standing with the Secretary of State's Office and must not have any outstanding tax liens. These funds can be used by the business or nonprofit to pay property taxes. Eligible businesses and nonprofits must have fewer than 35 employees or full-time employee equivalent hours.

Following the Feb. 1 deadline, applications will be reviewed in committee and later approved by the McLeod County Board. The state deadline for fund recipients to be identified is March 15, and all funds must be disbursed by April 1. The county wants to distribute funds more quickly if it can.