County meeting with Mohs

Meghan Mohs, interim director for McLeod County Health and Human Services, updates the County Board on the county's COVID-19 preparedness May 19. She was joined by McLeod County Emergency Management Director Kevin Mathews.

As of Tuesday morning, McLeod County had 18 positive COVID-19 cases, though none of the diagnosed patients were in the hospital.

“We’ve been fortunate so far in that we do not have any in our long-term care congregate living facilities in McLeod County,” Meghan Mohs, interim director for McLeod County Health and Human Services, told the County Board during its May 19 meeting.

The county is working to comply with a state order to test everyone living in a long-term care facility. It has also provided masks and fit testing for dental care providers in the county that want to offer services again.

“We are facing a little bit of a challenge right now in that it sometimes takes someone five to seven days to get a test result back after they go in,” Mohs said. “And then beyond that, it can take us 48 to 72 hours to get notified by the health department of a positive case.”

HHS is working with local health providers to be informed sooner.


McLeod County Emergency Management Director Kevin Mathews said May 19 that efforts to build the county’s supply of personal protective equipment have gone well.

“We got about another 1,500 nonsurgical face masks (May 18) that we ordered at the end of March,” he said. “Shipments are supposed to be coming in this week for more gowns.”

Police, fire and ambulance services in the county are well supplied, he said. Set to arrive soon are supplies for critical infrastructure facilities, such as for food, water, shelter, safety and security, energy, communications, transportation and hazardous materials.


The county has finished a COVID-19 preparedness and safety plan that allows it to open some facilities in a limited capacity. It includes mandatory practices, safety measures and screening tools.

On May 19, the Glencoe License Center at the North Complex opened for driver’s license renewal and changes, CDL medical certification, vehicle registration renewal, title transfers, birth and death certificates, Department of Natural Resources licenses and marriage licenses. Passports services are not available.

“(The facility) had 14 people in line,” McLeod County Administrator Sheila Murphy said the morning it opened. “Everyone was socially distanced and following the markings at that facility to get some help with things that they have been waiting for.”

On May 20, the Household Hazardous Waste program began offering full drop-off access via the sliding door at its drive through service. The free-use program will also be open, with fee-based items accepted. Only exact cash or check will be accepted. Masks are required.

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