McLeod County will move forward with litigation against former recycling partner GreenForest Recycling Systems of Brainerd.

On Sept. 15, the County Board unanimously directed McLeod County Attorney Michael Junge to bring breach of contract action against GreenForest. The Board and Junge met in a closed meeting a month ago to discuss the issue and losses suffered due to the alleged breach of contract.

The county will seek $900,000.

"What started out as a contract with great intentions finished because (of) what we felt was a complete failure of cooperation, safety and accountability by this company," Board Member Paul Wright said. "We have had to do some changes because of that."

Krueger acknowledged the recycling environment had changed — recycled materials are not as valuable as commodities as they once were — but said the county tried "every way possible" to work with GreenForest.

GreenForest originally contracted as a private partner at McLeod County Solid Waste in 2017, and helped operate its material recovery facility. The contract was ended by County Board resolution in 2019.

"The only positive thing I can say is the changes we made are working," Krueger said.

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