A 1930 view of downtown Glencoe

This is what downtown Glencoe looked like when Clare Michaelson worked at the Pure Oil Station.

It was a late summer evening in 1934. Clare Michaelson, a young Glencoe man, was going about his duties at Glencoe’s Pure Oil Station. Clare was an admirable person. He’d lived in Glencoe for 17 years — it was the place he called home, the place where he’d spent his childhood and grew to be a man. In 1934, he was 23 years old and a newlywed, having married a Glencoe girl named Elizabeth Hoffard.

The young couple lived in and looked to raise their family in the Glencoe area. With a good job, and many years ahead of them, the future seemed bright for the young couple. Then came that fateful evening on Aug. 18, 1934.

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