Rain barrel

Help the environment and save money by using a rain barrel.

With the arrival of spring, the city of Hutchinson is conducting its annual rain barrel sale 2-4 p.m. Saturday, May 1, at Burich Arena, 950 Harrington St. S.W. Barrels are $55 including tax. To reserve a rain barrel, call 320-234-5682, otherwise barrels can be picked up on a first come, first serve basis.

Barrels are made from recycled materials, hold 54 gallons and include a removable debris screen, hoses and a flat back allowing it to be placed near a building.

Placing rain barrels alongside your homes and structures is an easy way to help the environment and reduce your water bills. They can capture and store runoff flowing from rooftops during rain events that can be used later to irrigate flowers and landscaped areas. Barrels also reduce the amount of water that immediately flows in the storm drains and cuts down on the amount of contact water has with contaminants such as oil, salt, pesticides, fertilizers and trash.

For more information about how the city is working to improve and conserve water resources, call John Paulson, project/environmental/regulatory manager, at 320-234-5682.